3 Best Converse Collabs of 2022

Founded in 1908, Massachusetts-based footwear giant Converse has left a global mark and cultural imprint on sneaker society. After the revival of the last decade, thanks to the recent craze for retro aesthetics, Converse shoes are more popular than ever.

The shoe brand’s classic silhouettes are made of strong, reliable materials, with an iconic yet simplistic look. The cheap prices further help them to remain a mainstay in shoe cabinets, making them a favorite among influencers, public figures and celebrities.

Like any other brand, Converse is also looking to expand its design catalog while deepening its reach in the world of sneakers. Their unbeatable reputation in the industry has led to a queue of brands for them, always on the lookout for chances of a collaboration.

In 2022, the label has so far worked with well-known brands such as Golf Wang, A-Cold-Wall, Comme des Garcons and even Pokemon.

Here, we revisit their journey this year and list three of the label’s best collabs.

Stussy, A-Cold-Wall and Pokemon: Memorable Converse Collaborations in 2022 So Far

1) Converse x Stussy

Stussy and Converse collaborated this year in June 2022. The collaboration featured two pieces among the One Star label’s classics: the One Star and Chuck 70 silhouettes. Both shoes revisited the labels’ coastal roots and celebrated their archive styles.

The shoes looked quite familiar except for their low and high moderations. The uppers of the shoes were constructed from hemp materials and created a coastal look. It followed the iconic black and white color scheme, which both labels are known for.

Converse x Stussy 2-piece collection (Image via Converse)
Converse x Stussy 2-piece collection (Image via Converse)

The trainers also featured the iconic star logo, embroidered on the lateral sides in white, contrasting with a black base. More detail has been added with the punctuated unvarnished foxing. The black hemp upper accentuated the signature white contrast tonal stitching in an exposed manner, while the medial inner sides accented a chuck patch, neatly hidden from onlookers.

The most important detail of the shoe has been added with the iconic virgin hemp chuck patch on the midwalls of the sneakers.

The shoes were released on the official Stussy e-commerce site on June 10, 2022, retailing for $110 for Chuck 70 and $100 for One Star.

2) Converse x A-COLD-WALL*

Converse collaborated with A-COLD-WALL* in June 2022 for the launch of an all-new silhouette called Sponge Crater. The one-of-a-kind sneakers have been constructed in an oversized and exaggerated way, while adhering to the “Less is More” philosophy.

For the Sponge Crater silhouette, the two labels explored the Crater Foam material, which was previously used in other launches made by the labels, including the Aeon Active CX sneakers.

The Sponge Crater silhouette arrived in a unique shape and proportions, while displaying equally unique technology. These were the first full crater foam sneakers on the market.

Cold Wall x Converse (Image via Cold Wall)
Cold Wall x Converse (Image via Cold Wall)

The sneakers featured an egg crate traction pod offered alongside the revolutionary CX foam sole. The shoes were made in a sustainable way with the use of scraps and waste from the ground. The A-COLD-WALL* site presented the collaboration as follows:

“A-COLD-WALL* and Converse unite once again to deliver an all-new silhouette, the Sponge CX Crater, a forward-thinking shoe concept that combines cutting-edge design with comfort-focused technology.”

The upper, clad in dark gray, encased the orange-colored flat-knit sock-like shoe. The fine mesh base helped the foot with better breathability. The shoe has instilled the orange sock-like bindings with spandax collar finish, for a perfect fit. It also featured exaggerated pull tabs and heels, with the dark gray colored mule cut upper shell acting as the most prominent feature of the silhouette.

The shoes were released on the brand’s official e-commerce site on June 23, 2022.

3) Converse x Pokemon

Pokemon themed Chuck Taylor All Star icon (Image via Converse)
Pokémon-themed Chuck Taylor All Star icon (Image via Converse)

The Chuck Taylor label joined Pokemon earlier this year to celebrate the beloved anime character’s 25th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, Converse has released several shoes, accessories, and an apparel line to complete every fan’s collectibles.

The collection’s most iconic addition came with the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star. The shoe redesign was a throwback to the Kanto region, where the Pokémon world was first explored by trainers. The official site said:

“Converse celebrates 25 years of Pokémon with a pair of OG Chucks. With an all-black powder-coated digital print, a cast of Pokémon First Partners takes the classic canvas and complements custom details like the Poké Ball ankle patch, sock upper eyelet and Pokémon tongue graphic. Fuel your nostalgia and bring a new generation into the fun with Converse x Pokémon All Stars.

Characters like Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff featured on the sneakers. The Chuck Taylor All Star is available in full family sizes, ranging from adults, youth and toddlers. The shoes opted for a mismatched pattern.

On the right pair of sneakers, the band of Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Charmander happily welcomed fellow bandmate and friend Jiggly Puff. Juxtaposing the graphic, the pair of sneakers on the left showed the whole group positioned together in their usual fighting stance, against Meowth.

More Pokémon details have been added with the classic chuck patch, and the top of the eyelets has been redesigned in a Poke Ball style. The shoe also featured a bespoke license plate on the back, as well as a lightning bolt graphic.

The shoes were released on the official e-commerce site on January 7, 2022.

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