4 Zodiac Signs Compatible With BTS’s RM

The main rapper of the RM group was born on September 12, 1994. His main trait is that he focuses on the things he loves the most; that’s being a Virgo. As a BTS fan, everyone wants to get a glimpse into the life of their favorite member. However, we get to know them frequently through social media updates about their lives and tastes. So if you’re an avid RM follower, you’ll know he likes to take spontaneous trips.

He likes women with pleasant voices and pale complexions, who are smart, physically fit and look great in a pair of red Converse shoes. And we guess that’s something RM fans already know. So, here we are going to talk about the zodiac sign that makes an RM compatible companion.

Being a Virgo man, RM is precise, exact and critical, and he pays attention to details because he understands that details are of the utmost importance. He is also diligent, efficient, and methodical, and he frequently finds a solution to any problem through reasoning or hard effort. He has a strong sense of responsibility and will do everything possible to serve the interests of his family, his friends, his professional network or his community. He has a knack for gathering information. Everyone recognizes the Virgo man as the most valuable player on the team because he always gets it right. He also likes to help others. It is fair and balanced. More importantly, he exudes an air of nobility while maintaining a spirit of humility.So, if you are wondering if you are RM compatible or not, here are 4 zodiac signs that have good RM compatibility.



They are practical, persistent, reliable, loyal and sensual. These traits all reflect themes found in the second house of self-esteem and income, ruled by Taurus. The second house relates to material possessions, your attitude towards money, the qualities you value in people and yourself, as well as how you interact with your immediate surroundings and your five senses. Taurus are reliable, genuine, caring, and calming due to their firm nature. They are your favorite cook, your Netflix friend, your concert date or your reliable friend when it comes to making plans.


cancer zodiac sign

Cancerians are known primarily to be sensitive, emotional, nurturing, highly intuitive and sometimes insecure. Cancers have a variety of emotions inside that can make them seem overly emotional and can also have multiple mood swings. Cancers despise small talk, and they can be difficult to contact, but they will be your devoted companion for life if you have the opportunity to meet them. This is why they are the most compatible with Virgos.


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Scorpios are independent thinkers, intellectual and creative. They are opinion leaders, so they don’t care about people’s attention. Scorpios have a clear vision and they work hard to make it a success. They have a reputation for being incredibly secretive. Scorpios secretly love this aspect of themselves! They are private people in real life as well as on social media. They are simply difficult to interpret. All of these traits make Scorpio the most suitable partner for Virgo.


Zodiac signs

Capricorns are experts in keeping order. Always determined to perfection, the continuous reminders, the rigid framework, the ever-increasing standards and the endless tide of self-criticism. It can be difficult for them to be interested in you because they can be so preoccupied with their own thoughts.

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