500 pairs and R600K value

There are all kinds of addictions in society – and shoe addictions are a real situation. If you are not addicted to shoes, you probably know one. You know, the guy who would happily go hungry to get money for a pair of kicks? The guy who treats his shoes like children? If you know, you really know.

However, not all shoe addictions are created equally, and a teacher is giving other shoe-obsessed people a run for their money with a collection of around 500 pairs of the most eccentric shoes in the world. ‘worth over R600,000.

It’s not about checks or Nike for Britain’s Kari Walbert – it’s all about the eccentricity.

From shiny crimson heels adorned with unicorn heels and pom pom trims, to starry Cat in the Hat boots – Kari’s boots weren’t just made for walking, they were made to be looked at – that people think they are. are a thrill or the camp does not matter because for her they are like pieces in a museum.

“I feel like most of these shoes are art and express who I am. I consider my shoes to be a sort of collection of works of art, ”she expresses in by metro.

Kari’s shoes aren’t the finishing touch to her outfits either, but the basis of what she chooses to wear. You might think of Katy Perry’s overt aesthetic in 2010 or Nicki Minaj’s unique looks from the early 2010s (obviously the era was going through a creative exploration). However, for Kari, this is really the shoe to dress. They speak for themselves without needing a unique set.

Her love for stage shoes really started to intensify in 2012. A one-off pair with gold unicorn heels transformed her from a teenage girl who once rocked Doc Martens and conversed.

her brandThe choices are also varied. Irregular Choice is his choice, but the range extends to high fashion houses like Jeffrey Campbell, Dior and Louboutin, Cartel News and Express metro.

When there is a new fall, you can bet your calm Air Force 1 is Kari is on his way to getting the craziest squeaks of any season.

However, the shoe guru admits that she is trying to slow down the shoe collection, mainly because she is running out of room to store them.

As for his students, they even want to stop.

She said, “I love the shoes that people are going to notice and review. I am a teacher and known to most students as “the teacher with the shoes”.

“They even make a point of stopping by my classroom to see what shoes I’m wearing for the day.”

These days, Kari says she’s trying to gain more control over her shoe habits, but control has not been available in her height.

Photos: Kari Walbert / Caters News

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