A closer look at Adidas’ foam-based adiFOM Q

Over the past few years, the world of sneakers has been dominated by clogs and slides, which are now considered the hottest fashion in footwear. In response to this new sneaker era, Adidas decided to release the Yeezy Sliders and Yeezy Foam Runner in partnership with American celebrity Kanye West. The latest release from the German shoe brand is the new foam-based adiFOM Q sneaker. After several images of this shoe were leaked on various social media platforms, the Adidas brand released an official statement stating that the adiFOM Q is foam made from a 2001 Yeezy Foam Runner – the Adidas Quake. However, the main difference between the two sneakers is that the new adiFOM Q has a comfortable inner liner that can be worn with the sneaker; the adiFOM Q is more of a wearable exoskeleton. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the new Adidas Foam-Based adiFOM Q sneaker.


Slated to debut later this year, the German footwear brand plans to release a new silhouette – the Adidas Foam-Based adiFOM Q sneaker. Ahead of its official launch, Adidas took to Twitter and gave its fans a sneak peek of the sneaker, showing what the sneaker would feature. Born in 2001, the adiFOM Q 2022 sneaker is inspired by an artisanal foam launched nearly two decades ago – the Adidas Quake sneaker. According to Sneakernews, Adidas took to Twitter and released a new foam-based sneaker known as the adiFOM Q. While there are similar design features used in the YEEZY Foam Runner, the overall design of the adiFOM Q 2022 silhouette is based on the 2001 Adidas Quake archive. The Adidas 2022 foam-based adiFOM Q sneaker perfectly features cut-out windows with similar shapes borrowed from the Quake 2001 overlays. Based on sneaker previews, the new adiFOM Q sneaker will be presented in a natural off-white tone with accents decent oranges.

Earlier this month, American rap music star Kanye West took to his social media platform and called the new Adidas adiFOM Q sneaker “Fake Yeezy”. Although this new silhouette features similar design features to Kanye’s Yeezy Foam Runner, the German brand has responded to these claims. He claimed that their adiFOM Q 2022 sneaker was inspired by their previous sneaker released two decades ago – the Adidas Quake 2001. Like the Quake 2001, the new adiFOM Q foam upper features wave-like patterns on the mid and side portions of the sneaker. However, the main difference between these two amazing sneakers is that the Adidas Quake has the AdiPrene+ cushioning. At the same time, the adiFOM Q 2022 uses the same foam material on its sole for the upper.

Adidas adiFOM Q Design foam-based

According to Solecollector, the Adidas adiFOM Q 2022 sneaker comes in a distinctive off-white exterior perfectly blended with dynamic lightweight EVA lines and cutouts for the sneaker’s breathability. Foam outer shells feature cutouts of the sneaker’s traditional lacing system and an eye-catching Adidas Trefoil logo on the rear of the shoe. In addition to the sleek exterior, the new foam-based Adidas adiFOM Q shoe has a boot-like Primeknit interior accented with tongues that perfectly showcase an orange/grey color scheme. The highly anticipated sneaker comes in the off-white colourway, allowing you to wear these fantastic trainers with your usual outfits. Good news for all fashion enthusiasts, the new foam-based Adidas adiFOM Q sneaker has a sculpted lightweight EVA exterior adorned with cutouts and dynamic lines throughout the sneaker to ensure proper ventilation of the shoe.

Inspired by the Adidas Quake 2001, the adiFOM Q 2022 is designed with a very comfortable inner lining that can be worn with a sneaker. This feature is also a noticeable difference from Kanye West’s Yeezy Foam Runner. The new foam-based adiFOM Q can best be described as a wearable exoskeleton presented by Converse x A-COLD-WALL. The debut offering of the adiFOM Q sneaker first came in a predominantly gray colourway, with subtle hits of red on the sneaker’s Trefoil logo. This sneaker features cutout windows with shapes similar to the overlays of the 2001 Adidas Quake. While a wearable sock-like boot makes up the interior of the adiFOM Q, it has been reported that the new of foam will be available in a natural off-white colourway with decent orange accents and the signature Trefoil logo on the sneaker’s tongue.

Information on the official version of the foam-based adiFOM Q

Unfortunately, official release information for Adidas’ foam-based adiFOM has yet to be announced, but is expected to be released later this year. Earlier this month, the German shoe brand recently sparked controversy when American celebrity Kanye West publicly accused the brand’s new adiFOM Q sneaker design of being similar to its Yeezy Foam Slides. Adidas responded to these allegations on Twitter and claimed that the design of its Adidas adiFOM Q 2022 sneakers was inspired by the Adidas Quake 2001. While it’s pretty undeniable that the design of the adiFOM Q sneaker has some similarities to the Kanye West’s Yeezy Foam Runner as it features the same foam construction from the upper to the sole. The notable difference between Kanye’s Yeezy Foam Runner and the Adidas adiFOM Q is that the latter has a mesh interior and laces. Along with owning the Yeezy Foam slides, the Three Stripes brand is known for producing quality slides, putting them at the forefront of the sneaker market. Adidas claimed that the adiFOM Q 2022 is made entirely of quality foam and features the same sneaker designs as their Quake 2001. Featuring a classic inner liner, the adiFOM Q is more of a sneaker exoskeleton and less of a clog . According to Hype Beast, the 2022 Adidas foam-based adiFOM Q will be available for sale on the official brand website Addidas.com and at select Adidas retailers later this year.


With the highly anticipated release of the Adidas 2022 foam-based adiFOM Q sneaker, you will be amazed by its unique features. Despite the controversies associated with the design of the sneaker, the next is the most sought after foam on the market. Based on the images released, the new adiFOM Q sneaker is a unique silhouette with stunning looks and designs. This sneaker is also very comfortable and has a great fit.

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