A Closer Look At The Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay”

Currently, the Air Jordan 36s are among the best basketball sneakers in the world, especially with the highly anticipated release of the “Taco Jay” edition. The sneakers will likely be among the last Air Jordan 36s to release ahead of the upcoming Air Jordan 37, which is set to release next season. One cannot mention the Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” without mentioning one of Celtic’s star players, Jayson Tatum. Since the launch of the “Taco Jay”, Tatum has been associated with the Nike family for his first two seasons in the NBA as a rookie. This was after showcasing a flashy PG2 colorway at the start of the 2018-19 NBA season and the futuristic Adapt BB midway through the season. The Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” is strategically designed making it the perfect shoe choice to wear on the basketball court or for everyday use. Read on to learn more about the Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay.”


Dubbed the “Taco Jay” edition, the Air Jordan 36 sneaker was designed to pay homage to the Tatum family tradition of eating a taco after every game. With his team the Celtics battling to win the NBA championship, which is proving no easy task with the series tied 1-1 with the Golden State Warriors, their star Jayson Tatum continues to rock the current Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” the limited edition. Major sportswear brand Nike seemed to notice Tatum’s fantastic talent on the court and decided to give him his lifestyle-inspired logo as his first recruit. LeBron James was once the “king” of tacos in the NBA Series, but the crown was won by rising Celtic star Jayson Tatum in the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals. Tatum has also been nicknamed “Taco Jay by his family and friends due to his crazy love for tacos and later claimed that his mother usually made him tacos at least 4-5 times a week. His love for tacos is further highlighted with the release of the Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay”, which should be out June 17, 2022.

The Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” comes in a Lime Green, Atomic Green, White, and Black colorway. The inspiration of green guacamole and yellow corn tortillas decorates the entire sneaker with a shiny lemon-inspired upper. Plus, sleek orange and green accents are finished off perfectly with ‘Taco Jay’ branding embroidered to the insoles, back heels and tongue. Like the Air Jordan 34 “Taco Jay” PE, this new Jordan 36 features the same striking Taco-inspired colorways that clearly represent equal parts taco shells, guacamole, hot sauce and lettuce. Along with the dramatic orange, yellow and green color combinations, the most crucial detail of the Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” includes a unique taco logo that is well embroidered on the heel tabs, insoles and throat overlay. . The sleek sneaker design is complemented by a custom box that displays color inspiration from guacamole and corn tortillas.

Product Description

Coming in a Black, Atomic Green, Citron Pulse and Cone color scheme, the new Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” sneaker pays homage to basketball’s newest superstars. They play an important role in the construction of the game. According to Hypebeast, the Jordan 36s are all about Celtic star Jayson Tatum, depicting his intensity on the pitch and stylish color themes inspired by hot sauce and cheese, like his favorite post-game tacos. In addition to combining tunnel shoe design with technical performance, this upcoming Air Jordan 36 features a taco mascot with the signature Swoosh logo that mimics Jayson’s signature eyebrows. If you take a closer look at the sneaker, you can spot the “Taco Jay” logo perfectly imprinted on the sneaker’s insoles and rear heel tabs in a cantina-style font. The upcoming Air Jordan 36 sneaker is expected to come with a Citron Pulse upper that features a gauze weave, which makes the upper well-ventilated and durable. Colorful accents of orange and green are evident throughout the sneaker, with Jayson Tatum’s signature Taco logo on the insole and lace pocket. Citron Pulse is also featured on the shoe’s midsole with an Atomic Green color scheme, while the outsole features a Zoom “strobe” design with a translucent orange exterior and Atomic Green shank plate. The iconic “Taco Jay” logo is printed on the instep tongue and heel tab featured in a green suede to represent the lettuce used on a taco. This stunning pair is finished in special shoebox packaging with interior fabrics, Tatum’s favorite post-game food and the iconic Jumpman logo.

Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” Official Release Date

According to Sneaker News, the next Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” sneaker is set to release on June 17, 2022. This means that the sneaker will be released right before Game 6 of the NBA Finals. By featuring a stern-looking mascot with signature Nike branding on the insole, pull tabs, and “Taco Jay” print on the left insole, the Air Jordan 36s represent a more direct reference to favorite food. of Tatum after the game, Tacos. These sneakers are also available in orange, yellow and green colours. The Air Jordan 36s will be presented in a unique and iconic shoebox that features the iconic “Taco Jay” logo, a stylish Atomic Green color theme, and the stern-looking cartoon character. Celtic star Jayson Tatum signed a contract with the Jordan brand in the summer of 2019 and agreed to wear the Air Jordan 36 during the Tokyo Olympics and the 2021-22 NBA season. Inspired by Tatum’s love of tacos after his games, the upcoming Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” will come in a bold color palette and designs paired with various taco ingredients. The upcoming Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” sneaker is expected to be available at select retailers for an average price of $195. With plenty of Nike enthusiasts waiting to get their hands on the new Air Jordan 36, get started today and grab yourself a pair before they’re all sold out.


Like Air Jordan 34 and Air Jordan 35, the upcoming Air Jordan 36 “Taco Jay” sneaker still maintains the “Taco Jay” theme. The sneaker’s designs and colorways are inspired by the 22-year-old basketball superstar’s favorite Mexican dish that he likes to eat after a game. According to Nicekicksthe sneaker will be available in adult sizes, but no official communication has been released on whether there will be smaller kids’ sneaker sizes.

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