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24-year-old child considered at risk

Adian Hodge was reported missing in San Francisco on November 29, 2020. He was last seen in the San Lorenzo Park tent community in Santa Cruz in late March / early April, wearing jeans, shirt plaid, a denim jacket with pins, white converse tops with hand drawn art (Chuck Taylor All-Stars) and carrying an acoustic guitar case.

Adian hodge

Hodge is known to experiment with hallucinogens, and the family is concerned that he is showing signs of developing mental health issues.

It revolves around parks and beaches and maybe uses a different last name: Gaerick.

Her mother Lisa recently posted this on social media:

“Hello everyone. My name is Lisa and my husband and I went to California two weeks ago from PA to search for our missing son. He was last seen in Santa Cruz in early April and we think that he is heading south. We would be very grateful if you could keep an eye on him. I know that sounds arrogant, but if you can, could you try to get a good idea that it is He’s going to be traveling the coast in California and probably won’t be close enough to see him before he leaves, so it’s pretty important that we’re pretty sure it’s him before we get to a new one. place. His shoes are very distinctive so that would be a good confirmation that it’s him. A photo would be nice, or maybe if you could just get close enough to see his face. I’m sorry to have the look so arrogant, we’re just worrying our minds and losing hope quickly ent. Thanks for any help.

If seen, it is recommended to identify yourself without confrontation, then call Gabe or Lisa Hodge at (570) 371-8477 / 8534

Adian Hodge Times Publishing Group Inc

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