Adidas just designed a pair of Xbox themed sneakers for the Xbox 20th anniversary


Adidas is helping Microsoft celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary by designing a pair of exclusive sneakers.


In a report by Digital trends, the Adidas-Xbox collaboration took shape in a pair of Forum Techs, splashed it with hues of green and black, and included the original Xbox logo on it – not the modern one – since 2001, when the OG Xbox console released for the first time.

This new collaboration with Adidas was officially announced in a YouTube promo video, which appears to come straight out of a late 90s and early 2000s hype video:

Xbox executive James Monosmith commented on the collaboration with Adidas, saying the Forum Tech sneakers feature a design that mixes both old school and new school technology, which symbolizes “the way the Xbox looks at its own history. “.

There is bad news for all Adidas and Xbox fans who want to buy the shoes. The colourway is not intended for general release, which means you won’t be able to easily buy it in sneaker stores.

According to Microsoft, the Limited Edition Adidas Kicks are intended to be a contest prize.

However, don’t worry.

According to Unique collector, the Adidas-Xbox Tech Forum will not be the last sneaker collaboration between the two companies.

The upcoming new colorways and / or models are rumored to feature styles of past and even present Xbox consoles, although no images of these designs have yet been released.

With this announcement, the rumor of May of this year has essentially come true. Microsoft and Adidas initially announced their partnership at the time, when they announced that there would be four different pairs of kicks with the Xbox design and branding.

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Adidas-Xbox collaboration: the start of the console war?

Remember that year when Nike collaborated with NBA star Paul George, who is a self-proclaimed PlayStation fanboy, to create a pair of PS5-themed kicks?

This Adidas-Xbox collaboration was obviously a direct response and could be the start of a whole new console war involving sneakers.

And if you think gamers don’t care about sneakers at all, then you’d be wrong.

In October 2020, a group of fans of the game “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” took to Twitter to protest the main character switching to a pair of Adidas sneakers instead of his Nike Jordan 1 Chicagos du “Into the Spider-Verse Animated Film”:

As you can see from the responses, a lot of fans were a bit disappointed. They clearly cared a lot about the choice of sneakers, but there really was nothing they could do.

Marvel Studios is actually in partnership with Adidas, not Nike, so this was more of a legal decision than an aesthetic one.

But that’s where the point lies; avid gamers may care a lot about the game-themed sneakers as well. And Microsoft’s partnership with Adidas proves it: there is a lot of potential for marketing and profit, among other things.

There’s no release date for the Techs from the Adidas-Xbox Forum just yet, so stay up to date here at Tech Times.

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