Adidas launches sneakers designed by Filipino graffiti artist

Filipino graffiti artist and muralist Greg Guleserian’s Adidas UltraBoost DNA City Pack shoe is already available on, the Adidas app and in Adidas stores for $ 198 a pair.

According to Guleserian, better known as Egg Fiasco, his childhood memories of video games in the Philippines were his inspiration for the design of the sneakers.

Gulerasian added that the vibrancy of the video games he plays has the same vibrancy as the Filipino people and their culture with their many gadgets.

When brainstorming with other Filipino artists, he realized that playing video games was something they had in common and was their favorite talking point, which was the inspiration for his shoe.

Thus, the sock liner of the Adidas UltraBoost DNA City Pack mimics the design language of video games.

Meanwhile, the touches of orange and gold on the olive heel and navy upper of the shoe represent the virtual “potions” and “elixirs” of video games.
The 1990s video game aesthetic also resembles Guleserian’s palette for his graffiti work.

Guleserian is thrilled to be one of seven creatives from the Southeast Asia region chosen by Adidas.

He said he believed Adidas had chosen him because of the potential of his message and the energy behind him as an artist, not just for the designs on the wall.

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