After health crisis, Jordan and Naomi celebrated life and love like black royalty

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Long before they took their vows, since the very beginning of their relationship, Jordan and Naomi Jackson have supported each other through thick and thin.

The couple studied at the University of Virginia. They met on campus in 2011 after she mistook him for her twin brother and they ended up striking up a conversation. They would quickly become friends, a company where both parties wanted to see each other flourish and made the effort to make sure that happened. In 2013, they were officially a couple (even sharing the news on Instagram) and for seven years they traveled together, lived together and went through hell and came back together.

When they were in college, Naomi was a great support for Jordan, helping him with his homework and securing important internship opportunities that would make a difference in his pursuit of a career in finance. Over the years, he was a great support to her when she went through a serious health crisis. Naomi found herself struggling with a painful tumor in her liver, and during their relationship she is expected to have two tumor resection surgeries and weeks (sometimes months) of recovery in the hospital. Jordan was there as a part-time nurse and “full-time protector” as she struggled to get back to 100%. As he shared with us, he knew that no matter how long his recovery took, there was nowhere else he would rather be than by his side. And as she explained, she couldn’t have been more grateful for his presence and constant care. The devotion that was manifested during this time would solidify what they both knew: they found the one they could not live without.

In March 2019, Jordan was ready to ask for his hand in marriage and make Naomi his wife. He planned the proposal by taking it to the American Airpower Museum in Long Island, New York for a flight lesson to learn how to fly a small plane. When weather conditions prevented it, she was then blindfolded in the pilot’s seat as the plane was pulled into a nearby aircraft hangar where 50 of the couple’s closest friends and family were in attendance . There he knelt, champagne and roses in tow, and proposed. She of course said “Yes! “

Over two years later, on May 31, 2021, Memorial Day, they took the extravagance of the proposal and multiplied it. The couple said “yes” to Oheka Castle on Long Island in front of 150 guests. “Ever since I was a young girl I have always wanted to be a Queen, and after several years of recovery it just felt like having an extravagant wedding to celebrate all that Jordan and I have accomplished and manifested over the course of our journey together, ”Naomi told ESSENCE. “Of course a queen must marry in a castle.”

Opulence was everywhere, from the castle itself and its massive, ornate garden, to the Rolls Royce Cloud and the luxurious decor with hydrangeas and roses. The couple, who’ve been a team since their UV days, once again worked together to plan every detail of the big day, using a plethora of black salespeople. What they managed to do was a fitting celebration of black royalty and years of love in the making, tested and triumphant.

Check out images of their special day, taken by acclaimed wedding photographer Stanley Babb, and learn more about their lasting love story.


Photography – Stanley Babb

Entertainment – Finer Touch & DJ Sparkx

Videography – Bricks Group Media (Enny Olamide)

Make-up – Tia Codrington

Florist – Christine Ferguson

Hair – Mohan Jean Mary

Dress – Bridal Viero

Costume – Sam Parker

Crown – Bridal Pantora

Bride and Groom Shoes – Jimmy Choo

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