Agra: Sample from exporter infected with Covid sent for genome sequencing

On Sunday, a sample from an Agra exporter infected with Covid was sent for genome sequencing.

Representation image (Photo: India Today)

A sample from a Covid-positive exporter from Khandari to Agra who recently returned from Poland is being sequenced. The sample was delivered to KGMU in Lucknow.

According to sources, the trader runs an import-export business and visits Poland once a month. His reports came back negative when he was tested at Delhi airport. However, two days after arriving in Agra, he contracted a fever.

On November 17, a private pathology lab was called to investigate and the results came back positive.

“The type of Covid will not be known until the report is released,” doctors in Lucknow said, adding that the Delta + and Kappa variants of Covid-19 were discovered during the second wave of Covid-19 in Agra.

Senior physician Dr SK Kalra described genome sequencing as a type of viral biodata. Genome sequencing reveals what virus it is and what it looks like.

Aamir, a social activist, said the Covid-19 epidemic arrived in Agra via a shoe exporter even in 2020. The health ministry should no longer make this mistake.

“Agra is currently Covid-free, but due to an infected Polish exporter, 59 people have been exposed to the virus, and hundreds of people associated with them may also be infected. Although everyone who came into contact with the exporter is currently negative, it is necessary to closely monitor them for 14 days by the health service so that the horror of the second wave of coronavirus in Agra is not seen. again, ”Aamir said.

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