Amplify Collaborates With Converse To Launch Sustainable Renew Labs Store In Fitzroy

Converse launched the world’s first Converse Renew Labs retail store in Australia.

Renew Fitzroy Laboratories has created a center of personal expression in collaboration with brand experience agency Amplify, where consumers will be invited to personalize their mandrels, complete with eco-friendly patches, embroidery and dyes, as well as refreshment opportunities with the cleaning, repair and new services.

Renew laboratories will also serve as a designated collection point for all pre-loved sneakers that cannot be renewed, instead of being recycled into products like gym flooring thanks to the initiative of partner TreadLightly.

The experience will be centered on the Converse Renew product line and a business model aimed at extending the life of Converse products, building on the brand’s circular design principle that guides Renew products, and following the global trend towards a more sustainable future for the world.

Converse All Stars, the global community of Converse creators who drive progress through local initiatives, will play an ongoing and active role in Renew Labs’ journey to create positive change, with Fitzroy being chosen as a symbolic space for specialists in the field. environment, the All Stars and consumers. to come together and share the same vision.

Some of the pieces showcased in the store by local artists include planters made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste, and a wall of medium-sized objects based on youth culture and street art that also serves as a display unit.

Tim Baggott, Creative Director at Amplify, says Amplify is thrilled with the opportunity this store presents and looks forward to working in conjunction with the Converse team.

The store is built around the statement “There is always a way to renew what we do,” an idea that resonates strongly with Amplify’s sustainability efforts and is designed to be a perpetual work in progress, a space to reconsider, rework and reinvent over time, ”he says.

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