Arrival of Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine will bring us closer to normal (Editorial)

Can we start having a little fun again?

With Wednesday’s announcement that a third vaccine against COVID-19[female[feminine, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has proven to be both safe and effective, there will undoubtedly be more people asking this question. For good reason too.

After all, it has been barely a year since our country began closing schools and businesses and instituting closures in response to the coronavirus pandemic. One year. At the time, it’s important to remember that we were told we had to take dramatic action for a few weeks to “flatten the curve” so that hospitals and intensive care units weren’t overwhelmed with patients. COVID.

This was before the official start of Spring 2020. Now, with Spring 2021 on the horizon, people are understandably more than a little restless.

The latest vaccine news – a one-time shot from Johnson & Johnson was about to be approved – should be a good way to provide much-needed extra hope. Hopefully something looks like normal again, and soon too. Hope to live a life that is not controlled by fear at almost every turn. I hope to go to a baseball game, have dinner at a restaurant with friends, go out for a beer after work with a few colleagues.

Hope has been woefully scarce for far too long now. With seemingly more bad news at almost every turn.

Although we were asked for help in flattening the curve, what happened instead was that people’s minds were crushed. Even now, with another vaccine in sight, there is no shortage of doom prophets, those who are busy claiming that things won’t get back to normal for a very long time – if ever. We will always have to wear masks, they say, and maintain a physical distance from others. For now, it’s okay.

If that’s how some people want to play for the long haul, let them feel free. But it’s only reasonable to assume that many more – of all political stripes – are eager to get back to business.

If you still remember an America where people yearned to be free – in other words, the country that most people thought we had until about a year ago – you will understand that those who urge to prudence forever fail to fully understand the essence of the American spirit.

Soon we hope you can smile and see someone smile back.


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