ASOS shares buyer’s weird way to celebrate new pair of shoes and shoppers are squeamish

When most people buy a new pair of shoes, they just take them out of the box, check them out, and try them on.

Most people certainly don’t lick their new shoes – but it’s an ASOS shopper’s bizarre ritual, as revealed on Instagram.

A video shared by the fashion retailer shows a woman unboxing a new pair of Converse platforms, checking them out (as usual), then licking the entire length of the shoe’s sole.

She smiled at the camera at the end, as if she knew she had just done something horrible but didn’t really care.

She captioned the video, “Am I the only one doing this when I get new shoes?”

ASOS fans took to the comments to say that yes, she is the only one – or is she?

“Only you … who does this?” one person said.

“I sincerely hope you are familiar with what you do,” said another.

Shockingly, someone else commented, “Thank goodness I’m not the only one.”

A few other buyers rightly argue that just because they are new doesn’t mean that the soles are clean.

“But someone could have worn it and returned it,” one person said.

“What if someone else had worn them and returned them? [laugh-crying emoji]Another agreed.

A third said: “All that dust and hand germs in his taste buds [skull emoji]. “

What do you think of this bizarre new shoe ritual? Tell us in the comments here.

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