Biker urges others to learn from mistakes after horror injuries

A rider whose foot was almost amputated after an accident urged other motorcyclists to learn from his mistakes.

Lee Sharp, 32, of Droitwich, was seriously injured in an accident at Martin Hussingtree on Sunday September 26.

Fortunately, Lee is recovering now and his foot will not have to be amputated, as he and his partner, Hannah Drew, feared it might.

Lee admitted he was not wearing the proper safety gear that day and urged other riders not to make the same mistake.

He said: “To all people who ride mopeds or motorcycles without proper equipment, think this: ‘it only takes once’.

“How and when a crash will happen is a bit like roulette, there is a chance that it will happen. ”

Lee explained that while he was wearing a helmet, he was not wearing practical gloves or pants, and the jacket he was wearing was not properly padded.

However, Lee said her shoe choice was her biggest mistake.

He said: “The Converse shoes, the biggest mistake I think I made. My left shoe was ripped from the foot with a sock and flesh, I believe, on impact.

The helmet and shoes Lee wore on the day of the accident

When asked if he had learned any lessons from it, Lee replied, “The simple answer is no, the only lesson to learn is to wear the right equipment, but I knew the danger of not wearing it.

“I almost always wear full motorcycle gear, professional instructors will always tell you and always continue to wear the right gear, be it a small moped or a high performance sports bike, but on this day I took the decision not to do it and I paid the price for it.

“I feel lucky that the main injury was just a foot. Beast me.

Lee decided that he would never ride a motorcycle again and would also like to see the road where the crash happened assessed.

He added, “I wouldn’t want to relive something like this again. The whole experience of the crash site to operations and recovery was too much.

“There are those who get up and resume the race and then like me, there are those who don’t.

“The road where the accident happened needs to be reassessed, I and I know others would agree that this is a very dodgy junction. What exactly needs to be done, I I’m not sure, but a much clearer system is needed.

Worcester News: The West Midlands Ambulance Service has confirmed the crash occurred at the junction of Pershore Lane and Droitwich RoadThe West Midlands Ambulance Service has confirmed the crash occurred at the junction of Pershore Lane and Droitwich Road

Since the accident, Lee has undergone two operations, one of which involved transplanting part of his left thigh onto his foot, which was “stripped” by the incident.

Lee now faces a long road to full recovery and doesn’t expect to be able to walk for months.

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