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Beaverton Sportswear Company Nike is busy preparing his roster for next year, which will also see a brand new Nike Air More Uptempo shoe. Their latest iteration, “White Ocean Bliss,” will come dressed in a White/Ocean Bliss-Blue Chill-Coconut Milk color scheme.

Nike’s Next “White Ocean Bliss” Colorway Air faster silhouette will be introduced in 2023. Although confirmed release information is being kept under wraps by the Swoosh label, these soft-toned sneakers will be priced at $175 for each pair.

Fans of this silhouette will be able to purchase them from Nike’s online and offline stores, SNKRS app, and a few other retail marketplaces.

Nike Air More Uptempo Will Arrive In “White Ocean Bliss” Makeover For The Coming Year

Here's a detailed look at the Air More Uptempo White Ocean Bliss Shoes (Image via Sportskeeda)
Here’s a detailed look at the Air More Uptempo White Ocean Bliss Shoes (Image via Sportskeeda)

Wilson Smith, the famous sneaker designer, was the mastermind behind the iconic design of the Nike Air More Uptempo. These sneakers led the way on basketball courts in the 90s and have become part of Smith’s fame and Nike heritage due to the large AI-Rs on each side and the Air unit under the foot.

The Air More Uptempo has quickly risen to the top of the Beaverton-based company’s basketball shoe lineup over the past few months. Sneakerheads, especially those new to school, have picked up every version of this style, which is known for its heavy looks and strong, tough branding.

However, we can’t blame them, as upcoming colorblocks such as the Nike Air More Uptempo “White Ocean Bliss” have a refreshing vibe. Previous months have already seen some interesting colorways like “quilted wheat,” “Animal footprint,” “embossed,” “Cargo Khaki”, the aforementioned launch being the latest addition to the already extensive catalog.

The Swoosh label defines the origins of the iconic Air Max as follows:

“Revolutionary Air technology first entered Nike footwear in 1978. In 1987, the Air Max 1 debuted with visible Air technology in its heel, giving fans more than just the feeling of Air cushioning – they could suddenly see it.Since then, next-generation Air Max shoes have become a hit with athletes and collectors alike, offering striking color combinations and reliable, lightweight cushioning.

Here's a detailed look at the front tongue areas of the shoes (Image via Nike)
Here’s a detailed look at the front tongue areas of the shoes (Image via Nike)

Crisp white leather makes up the entire exterior of this shoe, which has a high-quality leather construction similar to the ’96 original. Here, the tumbled and sleek leather panels are perfectly combined to achieve the overall design. For a retro feel, gorgeous coconut milk hues are used on the lace sets, pull tabs and Air midsole.

Fans can’t quite write about this classic shoe without pointing out the big “AIR” name that dominates the medial and lateral sidewalls and is integrated with a large jewel Swoosh above the heel counter. The simple yet eye-catching design is finished by painting it in ocean bliss and outlining it with a cool blue for added depth.

The Nike Air More Uptempo White Ocean Bliss will go on sale in Spring 2023. Those interested in purchasing this new “White Ocean Bliss” colorway can easily subscribe to the brand’s official webpage for timely updates on the launch. .

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Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago Release Will Test Efforts To Rebuild Trust Sat, 19 Nov 2022 02:34:53 +0000
  • Nike will release the Air Jordan 1 Chicago “Lost and Found” on November 19th.
  • The company will likely release more pairs than usual to make them available to more customers.
  • The launch is the latest test of Nike’s efforts to rebuild trust with sneaker collectors.

Nike knows that sneaker collectors are frustrated.

For years, the company’s hottest shoes have all too often been purchased by resellers who use computer programs, better known as bots, or stolen by sneaker boutiques it partners with.

The Air Jordan 1 Chicago “Lost and Found,” releasing November 19, is the latest and greatest test of Nike’s work to make drops fairer. In line with its ongoing efforts, Nike has already given select die-hard fans early access to the shoe, will likely release more pairs than usual, and recently announced plans to crack down on resellers who purchase multiple pairs of the same shoe on its app and website.

Thousands of sneakerheads will likely be left empty-handed this weekend due to strong consumer demand for the classic colorway. Still, analysts said the company’s work to make the cuts fairer is starting to pay off.

“For so many years, if Nike did anything to address the injustice or if they even acknowledged that it was an issue that needed to be addressed, there was no transparency or acknowledgment for the consumer who was the case,” said Dylan Dittrich, the head of research at Altan Insights and author of the book “Sneakonomic Growth,” which tracks the growth of sneakers as an asset class. “Not everyone will touch every product. But the process isn’t as black box as it used to be, and in terms of perception, there really was no choice but to go up.”

Nike CEO John Donahoe acknowledged in an internal meeting in March 2021 that Nike has a problem with consumer trust, despite the company’s years of work to defeat bots buying limited-edition products.

“We’ve been working on anti-bot technology for several years,” Donahoe said, according to a report of the meeting published by Complex. “It’s part of the solution, but we have to redouble our efforts.”

Criticism of the way Nike launches sneakers grew last year after the son of a former Nike vice president, Ann Hebert (now Freeman), was found to be reselling the shoes en masse, fueling complaints that some people had more access to warmer shoes than others. At the height of the pandemic, as supply chains jostled and consumers had more money to spend, many models, including the Jordan 1s and Dunks, were also difficult to acquire at retail.

Donahoe told Wall Street stock analysts last December that Nike had created a “dedication note” designed to help loyal customers gain more access to hot sneakers, noting that invitations to purchase the popular Air Jordan 11 “Cool Grey” were sent to the “largest female-focused group to date and sold in the first hour”.

“We continue to see exclusive access serve as a defining marketing mechanism for connecting with consumers,” Donahoe said.

Along with this weekend’s launch of the Air Jordan 1 Chicago “Lost and Found” comes the latest iteration of exclusive access. The company said customers who had lost 20 previous draws for Jordan 1 on its SNKRS app were eligible for exclusive access.

It has also been reported that the sneaker will drop in significantly higher volumes than similar releases in the past, meaning collectors will be more likely to get a pair, part of a scheme that appears to extend to recent “Fire Red” Air Jordan 3 and “Playoff” releases. Air Jordan 12.

The potential downside: Too many Jordans could reduce long-term demand. In 2017, there were so many retros on the shelves that Wall Street encouraged Nike to pull out, with Sam Poser, then at Susquehanna Financial Group, writing, “Nike should aggressively reduce available pairs for Jordan Retro launches so as not to leave residual traces. product on the market that would likely harm the cachet of the brand.”

Poser doesn’t have the same concerns today, noting that Nike has bigger issues to deal with.

“Jordans, Air Force 1s and Dunks are still doing great,” he told Insider, adding that the problem for Nike right now is the continued supply chain chaos and the backlog. stocks, not too many Jordans. The company in September recorded a 44% increase in inventory and offers discounts on non-retro products.

Among its remaining challenges, Nike needs to be even more transparent about exclusive access selection, the sneaker and sportswear said digital designer TJ Keasal.

“All eyes are on Nike to ensure transparency adheres to the parameters they voluntarily offer to the public,” she said. “Was this really only targeting accounts with more than 20 Jordan 1 losses? And if not, Nike risks losing its good faith.”

The Nike Community Store has been closed for weeks due to theft Tue, 15 Nov 2022 20:07:00 +0000 Nike’s first factory outlet, which opened in 1984 on MLK Jr. Blvd., has always had problems with theft, but recently shoplifting has reached new heights.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Nike Community Store in northeast Portland is filled with neatly folded shirts, racks of activewear and rows of Nike shoes — but no customers. The store quietly closed weeks ago and the company won’t say when or if it will reopen. Nike did not respond to three separate emails.

“Closed for the next 7 days,” Nike said on its website. The same message has appeared since the end of October. Despite the notice posted online, customers show up at the store almost every day.

“There’s nothing on the door. It doesn’t say anything,” Carmelleta Nash-Pronold said after finding the Nike store closed on a recent weekday afternoon. “Usually stores let you know what’s going on.”

Several people associated with the Nike Community store said theft has always been a problem at the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard site, although shoplifting has recently reached new heights.

Criminals have become more brazen – stealing armfuls of Nike merchandise and walking out the front door without fear of arrest.

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Security guards hired by Nike have admitted that they are prohibited from physically arresting shoplifters. The strict policy, adopted by most major retailers, aims to protect employees and shoppers from harm. There is also a risk of prosecution if someone is injured.

Surveillance video from outside the New Song Community Church, which sits around the cat corner of the Nike Community Store, showed people fleeing the store this summer with stolen shoes and clothing.

“It’s obvious they’ve stolen something and they’re looking to dump it somewhere,” said Pastor Paul Greenidge of New Song Community Church.

Police and retailers complain that shoplifting or organized retail crime is a citywide epidemic, fueled largely by drug abuse.

A KGW analysis of citywide crime data found that since 2019, the Nike Community store reported 437 cases of shoplifting to police, second only to the Mall 205 Target store, which reported 650 cases of shoplifting.

Retailers believe Portland’s shoplifting statistics are lower than the actual numbers because most stores don’t bother to file police reports.

Over the past four months, several Portland businesses have closed due to crime and safety concerns, including a Cracker Barrel in Jantzen Beach and nearby Stanford’s Restaurant & Bar, as well as a few Starbucks locations.

RELATED: Jantzen Beach Stanford’s Follows Cracker Barrel in Closing Due to Safety Concerns

The Nike Community Store is particularly notable because of its history.

Portland community leader Ron Herndon and the Black United Front approached Nike 38 years ago and urged the company to build its first-ever outlet store on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, then called Union Ave. It was an area plagued by crime and violence.

“Many attribute the development that has started happening on MLK to Nike’s commitment,” Herndon explained.

When the Nike Portland Factory Store opened in June 1984, it pledged to donate a portion of the store’s profits to community nonprofits.

“Those who buy here and buy here, spend money here will see some of that profit going back to the community,” a Nike executive said in KGW archive footage of the store’s grand opening.

The Nike Factory store was run by former Portland Trail Blazer Larue Martin and sold “B-grade items, closeouts and odds and ends,” according to a March 1984 article in The Oregonian newspaper.

In 2000, the Nike Factory Store moved to its current location after overtaking the store’s original location just two blocks north.

In 2006, Nike invested $1.2 million in the North and Northeast Portland community, a company says Press release.

“It’s not just me. So many people in the community are proud of it,” said Herndon, director of Albina Head Start in Portland.

Herndon said he fears ongoing theft issues at the Nike Community Store will jeopardize his future.

“Criminals don’t care about history,” he said.

Herndon said he believes the lack of police resources and prosecutions have allowed criminals to tear at the fabric of this community.

“What’s happening with Nike is very symptomatic of what’s happening with people, organizations and businesses all over Portland,” he said. “Until the city finds an answer to this, I don’t see it going away.”

Four Best Nike Kobe Bryant Shoes Worn in the NBA Friday Night Sat, 12 Nov 2022 17:18:00 +0000

There is never a shortage of amazing basketball shoes worn in the NBA on a nightly basis. Nike maintains a firm grip on the league, with over 60% of players sporting the Swoosh logo on the pitch.

In addition, the shoes of the end of the great by Kobe Bryant The signature line remains hugely popular with the younger generation of gamers. Below are the top four Nike Kobes worn in the NBA on November 12, 2022.

Nike Kobe 5 Protro PE

Devin Booker wore a Nike Kobe 5 Protro PE.