“Colorway Fruity Pebble at $3,500 on a $100 Shoe – The LeBron James Effect”: Nike Releases Colorway Inspired by 2006’s Legendary Nike Dunk Low Colorway

LeBron James has plenty of memorable colorways in the past – Fruity Pebbles is one of them.

“Having an original pair of my Nike sneakers paying homage to my favorite cereal growing up is surreal,” said LeBron James in a press release. “Putting them on and seeing the colorway come to life is even better.” Athletes usually get a Wheaties commercial when they hit the big stages, but James chose his favorite cereal, Fruity Pebbles.

James has had several iterations of the legendary colorway, with another coming soon. This time it’s not his signature line, but a Nike Dunk low. The other shoes that featured the Pebbles were mostly white, this one is more red. The Lows are more like the box, but also a copy of the Bart Simpsons that came out recently.

While the original PE was a simple white upper with a dominant multi-color sole, this one is more subtle with the only pops of color visible on the laces. There’s more on the insole of the shoe, which looks like the actual box with the snowflakes in it.

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LeBron James should look to re-release his hit colorways on modern shoes – as long as they don’t look like Transformers

The South Beaches, The Corks, The Watch the Thrones – some of the best colorways in the LeBron James lineup. Fruity Pebbles have their cult following because they were so rare. LeBron wore them sparingly, but the others, much more. He knew they were special to him, hence the rare appearances.

The colorway itself is now selling on secondary sites for over $3000 for some sizes, and that’s the discounted price. 6 months ago they were trading up to $6,000! They are almost as expensive as the original Nike Yeezys and are easily more expensive than the Cactus Jacks.

Hopefully the LeBron 20 lineup gets better colors and shape because after the 13th all have been elephant feet. How Bron jumps even while constantly wearing those heavy boots is a miracle.

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