“Did Ja Morant spend $2000 on fake Kobe Preludes, just to lose 47 points on them?” : Even the Grizzlies star may not have been spared from the infamous Stockx scandal that Nike uncovered

Ja Morant is a Nike signed athlete – even though he’s been accused of wearing fake shoes on the court.

Despite being a multi-millionaire at the age of 21, Ja Morant has been accused of wearing fake sneakers. In recent years, sneaker culture and resale has gotten worse, turning a commodity market into something worse than Wall Street.

Kids growing up in those days only know how people pay exorbitant amounts for the things they want, and in this case, it’s sneakers. It becomes a centerpiece if you stop with the freshest kicks, and the price for it is only a few thousand dollars. Ja may have fallen into this trap, although he was an athlete who could get it straight from the source.

He wore a pair of Kobe Preludes, a pair that sells on the secondary market for between $1,500 and $2,000. It was all good because he even lost 47 points in that same game. But the eagle-eyed sneakerheads couldn’t contain their excitement when they spotted irregularities with previous pairs on the court.

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Ja Morant may be one of the league’s budding sneakerheads – PJ Tucker is safe though because he has his ‘connections’

Right off the bat, the shape of the shoe was different and the textures used in places were completely different from older pairs worn during games. Now, that could be attributed to Nike’s poor QA, but the twist in the story comes right there. The sportswear maker accused top secondary seller Stockx of running fake shoes through its quality assurance process.

It’s been an open debate from the start, and with fakes getting better and better with every passing day, it could very well be true that Ja Morant got himself a fake. Now normally it would call for ridicule if he didn’t drop that astonishing number in this game.

Fans are now torn as to whether a shoe matters or not. They all seem to have overcome this materialistic phase. If an athlete like Morant could pull off such an incredible performance in knockoffs, imagine how much publicity fake or unauthorized shoes will get from now on. The market is on the verge of crashing, and this performance alone could be the cause of it all.

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