‘Dreams Delivered’ makes prom dreams come true

Beverly Heimann remembers her prom.

It’s been a while, but Heimann says “my favorite part was shopping for my dress.”

Heimann is now co-chairman of “Dreams Delivered,” a project of the Woman’s Club of Evanston, which provides free prom dresses, shoes and accessories to students whose families may not be able to afford what can often be expensive items. (Proof of income is not required to participate).

“’Dreams Delivered’ is like a department store,” says Heimann. There are so many dresses available, she adds, that “we’ve stopped counting.”

Some of the racks of dresses.

The shopping boutique is this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the Woman’s Club building at 1702 Chicago Ave.

Since its start in 2007, “Dreams Delivered” has delivered more than 800 dresses, which recipients can keep. They’re not lenders, not like the tuxedos that guys rent and have to take back to the store.

An ETHS student, who is now a graduate, told the Woman’s Club, “I was worried about all the different costs associated with graduating, especially the cost of a new prom dress. I got a dress I liked for free, and it was a pleasant experience.

Indeed, each student who comes to the shop is assigned a personal shopper.

There are also seamstresses, says Heimann, and beauty/makeup consultants… a total of about 50 volunteers.

Some exposed accessories.

“Part of the magic of Dreams Delivered,” says Heimann, “is that the students come shopping.”

And this year’s prom is particularly special. Due to COVID19 there was no prom at all in 2020. Last year there was a “Senior Sendoff” on the football pitch instead.

Because of what happened, or didn’t happen, in the last two years, “Dreams Delivered” didn’t happen either.

But this year, there’s a real prom, at Navy Pier, no less, so grads want to look their best.

And there is no doubt that those who get dresses, shoes and jewelry look their best.

“They shine,” Heimann says, “as they walk through the door.”

The Woman’s Club presents “Dreams Delivered” in cooperation with the Ivy Pearl Foundation and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (Delta Chi Omega Chapter).

There are still commercial slots available, but appointments are required.

While the event focuses on ETHS students, prom-goers from other surrounding communities are also allowed to get a dress and accessories.

For more information, including how to join, visit the Woman’s Club website, wcofe.org.

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