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Batman, Superman and now… FaZe Temperrr? Yes, you read that right. DC Comics recently announced a limited-edition comic book and event initiative featuring stars from FaZe Clan, which has established itself as the world’s largest gaming organization. FaZe Clan, accustomed to major collaborations (think Takashi Murakami, Manchester City Football Club, Kappa and Puma, to name a few) continues to prove that the collective’s characterization as a ‘misfit’ in the entertainment world is not anymore. The game has become completely entrenched in the mainstream (namely: the recent FaZe featuring on the cover of Illustrated sports).

Without a doubt, much of the game’s astronomical rise in popularity can be attributed to FaZe Clan. Released in 2010 by a quintet of gamers, which began downloading clips from popular video games Call of Duty on YouTube, FaZe has now grown into an unstoppable force of gamers, content creators, and athletes. The organization is appreciated by Forbes to over $ 300 million. Not to mention, the giant has a global fan base of 351 million on social platforms at the time of writing.

And in 2021, followers can trump dollar signs.

Comprised of nearly 90 esports pros, creators and pro gamers, the FaZe List is populated to ensure content and global influence never stop. There’s FaZe Temperrr, one of the original founders of FaZe, whose YouTube channel has amassed over 2 million subscribers. FaZe Adapt – who joined in 2013 – and FaZe Kaysan have also seen success in the social media world, the latter of which will soon be releasing their debut single with rap superstars Future and Lil Durk. Entrepreneur Taav Cooperman is FaZe’s director and vice president of marketing, ensuring the brand continues to grow not only in numbers, but in the public eye as well.

Like any sort of success story with such a meteoric rise as FaZe Clan, there are going to be some missteps and mistakes. This forced FaZe to part ways with a handful of roster members over time, much like a traditional sports organization. Sometimes the sheer scale and speed of the money and fame in professional sport – often around individuals who in some cases are still growing – can lead them astray. And so it is those featured here who are determined to lead and strengthen the contemporary family as they strive to overcome various growing pains. The imperative? Empowerment, positivity, dispelling stereotypes around the growing world of gaming and most importantly, having fun.

We had a few quick conversations with Temperrr, Adapt, Kaysan, and Cooperman to try and figure out what it’s like aboard this unprecedented magic carpet ride.

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