Filipino Artist Egg Fiasco Lives ‘Dream’ With adidas UltraBoost Collaboration

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November 20, 2021 | 3:36 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino artist Egg Fiasco is living a reality he never thought possible.

This as his artistic career has reached new heights with a landmark collaboration with sportswear giant adidas.

Tasked with designing a shoe representing the Philippines in the adidas UltraBoost DNA City pack, Egg shared the surreal experience of achieving a career goal.

“When I look back it seemed impossible to get us off the street and design [a shoe]. It’s a dream, ”Egg said at the shoe’s launch at the adidas Brand Center in Makati on Friday.

“I’ve been a fan of the brand since I was younger eh … [And] to me it was like ‘What? Is this really happening? ‘. Surrealistic sobrang, ”he added.

Just the second Filipino artist to come up with a shoe design with adidas, Egg revealed that it was a different experience that challenged him as an artist.

It then became a collaborative effort between a close-knit group of Filipino artists, including famous toy maker Quiccs, who also designs shoes with the brand.

“When they approached me to design a shoe, I was really surprised and excited. But at the same time, I felt challenged… It’s really a new platform for me kasi,” said Egg, who is best known for his murals and graffiti.

“Shoe design is a different experience for me, so I needed the perspective of my friends who were more focused on fashion,” he added.

Egg had no idea that his work with his fellow artists would blossom into a unique vision of Philippine culture as portrayed in the City Pack.

Celebrating the vibrancy of Filipinos

The whole idea of ​​the City Pack was to capture the essence of a country’s culture, as the pack includes designs from other Southeast Asian countries with artists representing their own heritage.

Egg’s vision for Philippine design was a bit unusual, but still authentic.

Working with fellow Filipino artist colleagues, Egg found Filipino culture represented in video games.

After working on ideas with his friends, playing games became a frequent topic that eventually became a springboard for design.

“We ended up with the concept of childhood memories. [Like] naging natural lang siya nanapagusapan namin yung ginagawa namin nung bata, then naisip namin an yung pinakapinaguusapan namin video games, so we thought it was a good concept to boot, ”Egg explained.

The shoe itself used a color palette similar to that of 90s video games, which coincidentally came close to Egg’s own palette in his works.

The design also missed one of the signature symbols you might see in a Filipino-inspired shoe, like the colors of the flag or the three stars and the sun.

But Egg, a native of Iloilo, reiterates that his design was no less Filipino than any other, as the culture was not only contained in its traditional sense but can also come from its people.

“We focused more on translating our childhood, living here in the Philippines,” he said.

“[We noticed na] Yung vibrancy ng games na nilalaro namin is the same dynamism as the Philippines and our culture… Marami tayong pakulo eh, ”he joked.

“Not just to write on the wall”

While Egg is delighted with the achievement of an important milestone in his career, he also does not miss the importance of collaboration for artists like him and those who wish to follow the same path.

Also known for his graffiti art, Egg clings to his origin and flaunts it at the top.

“Since dun ako galing [sa graffiti], i’m proud to say that yun ang roots ko. Graffiti is one of the most authentic and honest arts, ”he said.

“We do it just for the graffiti eh, we do not expect anything … We just express ourselves”, he added.

And the budding artist couldn’t minimize the role adidas played in uplifting not only himself but an entire industry of local artists as they are able to showcase their talents to a global community.

“I think adidas saw the potential. [That graffiti], it’s not just the writing on the wall. The wall speaks, ”Egg said.

“adidas saw the potential of the message and the energy behind these artists,” he added.

A pair of UltraBoost DNA City Pack shoes from Egg will set you back 10,000 P and are already available in adidas stores.

Five other models from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam are also available in the pack and cost the same.

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