Garage workers ‘stunned’ as road surface melts on woman’s tires during heatwave

Drivers were in shock as people’s tires and shoes were left covered in sticky tarmac as the road resurfacing took place on the hottest days of the year.

Residents complained that the freshly laid tarmac melted in the scorching temperatures and criticized the Stoke on Trent council for allowing work to continue.

The council had said it was aware of the problem – and blamed it on “unusually hot weather”.

Local Mandy Hankey shared a video on social media of a sticky black tarmac dripping from her son’s car tire after the vehicle drove down the road she has lived on for 30 years.

Mandy told Stoke on Trent Live: “Our tires are the same, but my son’s were absolutely dripping – it’s amazing. And when my daughter got off when she drove off, she had to pull over at the corner. from the street because she was afraid of having a flat tire.

“But it wasn’t a flat tire, it was most of the tarmac under the car. She’s only young and she was scared because she thought the power steering was gone.

“It seems to be such a waste of money that it will have to constantly be repaired or redone.

The tires were damaged by the melting of the road surface

“The roads needed to be redone. We have been here for 30 years and this is the first time they’re doing it again. It’s a beautiful road and we all keep our homes beautiful so it’s good to have a nice road too. “

Mandy added, “You drive onto the tarmac which then goes into your driveway and into the house.

“I had to remove a few pieces of my carpet in the hallway. You dare not come in without checking your shoes.

Husband Mark added, “The tarmac is going to continue to melt as the weather warms up, or as we have rain and head more into fall and winter, it’s just going to break.

“It doesn’t seem to hold up on the surface. They must have used this same process before elsewhere, we couldn’t be the first, so I don’t know what happened. I don’t really understand why it didn’t. not hold. “

Neighbor Elita Unyolo found her Converse shoes covered in tar after walking the road on Sunday.

The tires were damaged by the melting of the road surface
The tires were damaged by the melting of the road surface

The 30-year-old said: “My Converse was covered in tarmac. It was like a layer all the way down the bottom of the shoe. Luckily, I got most of it off.

“When it rides on your tires, it makes your tires look flat when you drive on it.

“We have a cat and we are afraid it will hit the road and get it caught in its paws.

“We’re all absolutely horrified by this – everything has to come back and be done again.”

Ward Councilor Craig Beardmore supported the residents.

He asked for work to be suspended over the weekend.

Neighbor Julie Breese said: “It’s not good at all. They might as well have left it as before. We have to check our tires every time we get out just in case the tarmac gets stuck like it does. did it for other people. “

The council agreed to suspend the work.

A council spokesperson said: “We are aware of residents’ concerns and are working closely with the contractor to resolve issues.

“The unusually hot weather unfortunately resulted in some materials not hardening as they should have, which we believe will account for the majority of these problems.”

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