Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Cosplay Bring Epic Honeymoon to Life

Harley Quinn: The Animated Series – The Eat. Snap! To kill. Tour Writer Tee Franklin shared a stunning Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy cosplay

Warning! Potential spoilers for Harley Quinn! The food. Snap! To kill. Tower by DC Comics

Without surprise, Harley quinn and Poisonous sumac have quickly become one of the most beloved couples in comics, and in a new cosplay the heroines are getting a stunning cosplay after their honeymoon in the pages of DC Comics. Cosplayers @emrosecosplay and @brittanykelleyart recreated an iconic Harley / Ivy scene from the Harley Quinn! The food. Snap! To kill. Tower comic. The cosplay was enthusiastically shared by series writer Tee Franklin.

Harley Quinn! The food. Snap! To kill. Tower is the sequel to the comic Harley quinn animated series, with events in the comic book set between the upcoming second and third season of the critically acclaimed series. The six-issue miniseries from Tee Franklin, Max Sarin, Marissa Louise, and Taylor Esposito directly follow the show’s season two finale. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy take a trip across the country after the latter’s marriage to Kite-Man is called off – and learn to be on the run together. The comic features more characters from the DC Universe who have appeared in the series, including Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, and Batgirl.


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On her Instagram account, cosplayer @brittanykelleyart shared with her and @emrosecosplay the recreation of an iconic panel of Harley Quinn! The food. Snap! To kill. Tower # 1. Cosplay brings Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to life as they share a passionate kiss after finally getting the chance to kiss after a few hectic hours. The two cosplayers recreated the moment beautifully, as @brittanykelleyart holds @emrosecosplay while wearing a pair of Converse shoes – just like Harley does in the comics. The dresses, hair and makeup of the talented cosplayers are perfect.

Writer Tee Franklin wrote on Twitter that she was in tears after seeing the look come to life. Franklin added that it was the first Harley Quinn! The food. Snap! To kill. Tower cosplay she is since it was “so beautiful!” and was “beyond gratitude that you were prompted to do this!” It must have been special to see her Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy-led story come to life in the stunning cosplay.

@emrosecosplay and @brittanykelleyart did a fabulous job bringing the heartfelt moment between Harley quinn and Poisonous sumac from Harley Quinn! The food. Snap! To kill. Visit # 1. This is a great cosplay from a really fun comic book that has resonated with readers.

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Source: Franklin T-shirt – Twitter

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