Hataraku Maou-Sama S2 E9 Recap and Spoilers

The following contains spoilers for The Devil Is Part-Time! Season 2, Episode 8, “The Devil Begins Farming”, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Having encountered a bear at the farm, Maou, Emi, Ashiya, Chiho and Hinako try to escape as discreetly as possible before baby Hitoshi starts crying. Unfortunately for the group, their plan soon fails and Hitoshi’s cry immediately alerts the bear to their location. With no other safe options available, Maou decides that he and Emi will confront the bear while Ashiya safely escorts the other two women and the baby home.

Ashiya and the women do as they are told, though Emi only intends to distract the bear with her and Maou’s presence. This plan works for a good few seconds before a black vehicle drives by and surprises the bear. With the bear now aggravated, he charges towards Emi and Maou, the former restraining the bear with her bare hands. As Emi struggles to keep the bear under control, Kazuma reunites with his family just in time to witness the hero effortlessly use his supernatural strength to knock the animal out. This causes Emi to panic internally, though Kazuma catching her in the act turns out to be the least of her worries.

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Later that day, Emi’s defeat of the bear spreads like wildfire in the media, bringing reporters to the farm. Not wanting to attract further media attention, the Sasaki family denies knowing anything about the incident and the reporters are asked to leave. Although Emi was lucky that no one was there with a camera to take her picture, she still feels bad about bringing unwanted media attention to the family. These worries, however, are immediately invalidated by Kazuma, who is grateful to him for protecting his family.

Suzuno is relieved to learn that Emi has no issues for her actions as she was willing to alter Kazuma’s memories to prevent the problem from getting any worse than it already has. Still, the fact that the news broke has both women wondering who tipped off the media. To further aggravate Emi, however, Suzuno accidentally forgot about Maou and Ashiya jokingly calling her a “bear killer”. This angers Emi at Maou as she doesn’t want her daughter Alas Ramus to start repeating these words to everyone she meets, thus hurting Emi’s desire to keep a low profile.

At the farm, Maou and Ashiya finish their work for the day. During their break, Manji explains how Kazuma studied commerce and agriculture in Tokyo, which helped triple their business. As he explains the innovations Kazuma has brought to the farm, Manji reveals how the installation of solar panels has helped regulate the heat and humidity of the farm’s greenhouses. This causes Maou to think about why the Demon Realm was in disarray before uniting it. He thinks that as long as the demons have enough magic in the atmosphere, they won’t go hungry.

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When the three men return to the house, they meet the president of the neighborhood association, Mr. Onda. Manji introduces Maou and Ashiya to the President, who then reports a series of thefts that have happened to various farmers in the area. Mr. Onda also reports that watermelons, expensive fruits and specialty vegetables are the commonly stolen items. Maou and Ashiya relay this information to the rest of his group since the Sasaki family also grows watermelons and tomatoes. Urushihara suggests patrolling the area, though Emi points out that they don’t know how the thieves operate.

Using what little information he has, Maou begins to speculate on the thieves’ possible modus operandi, as well as what kind of vehicle they might be using. That’s when Maou thinks of the black vehicle they spotted earlier and realizes it’s perfect for late night flights. Maou further speculates that the vehicle will return that night and asks Emi and Suzuno to fly around the farm to get a good view of their fields. Emi points out that they can’t see at night and thinks it’s inadvisable to fly over the fields given what happened earlier with the bear encounter.

While considering their options for patrolling the farm, Suzuno suggests they start with the fields they already know. Maou accepts Suzuno’s suggestion and considers the routes the thieves could potentially take. Before they have a chance to speculate, however, Ei enters the room to offer help on that front. After promising not to reveal their plan to the rest of the Sasaki family, Ei draws a map of possible routes the thieves could take to enter the farmhouse. Since the roads are close to the watermelon and tomato fields, this helps narrow down their patrol areas to just two locations.

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Before Maou and Emi split up their groups to patrol areas of interest, Urushihara points out that they should be careful around the solar panel area, as they would be a more attractive object to steal than vegetables. He supports his theory that solar panels are durable and can be easily stored until thieves deem it safe to sell them. Also, one or two solar panels would make a thief more money than a dozen vegetables. Maou and Ashiya see his point of view and also decide to keep an eye on the solar panels.

After the groups separate, Urushihara is put in charge of monitoring the solar panels while Maou teams up with Suzuno to patrol the watermelon field. Lucky for both of them, it doesn’t take long for the thieves to validate their earlier theories, and the black vehicle from earlier pulls up next to the watermelons. Suzuno identifies four thieves inside the car, though only one of them comes out to steal a watermelon. She tries to chase the thieves, but Maou stops her, believing the watermelon is not their real goal. Instead, he lets the thieves keep driving and calls Emi to look for them.

When Emi sees the black car stop, the thieves validate Urushihara’s theory of the theft of the solar panels. Ashiya stops the four thieves from committing their theft and apprehends one of them as the others flee. Emi uses her Divine Boots of Light to chase the vehicle while Urushihara calls Suzuno to let her know where the thieves are heading. Suzuno manages to stop the vehicle on the road with her bare hands and uses her red eyes to scare the men away. When Emi catches up with the men, she opens the roof of the car and also uses her fire-based powers to scare them away.

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After the thieves flee from Suzuno and Emi on foot, Maou encounters them in her demonic form and apprehends them for the police. When the Sasaki family meets Maou and his friends, Ei informs Kazuma that they took care of the farm and prevented the theft. As a reward for their hard work and protecting their farm, Kazuma sends Maou and his friends many products by mail after they return to Tokyo. While enjoying the fresh produce, Urushihara informs his friends about the status of the thieves they have apprehended.

In the after-credits scene, Emi reveals to Suzuno that Maou somehow acquired the magic to transform into her demonic form without the strong presence of negative emotions in Nagano. Suzuno speculates that Maou must have obtained the power from the Kappa Museum, which confirms to Emi that he now has a way to get his powers back in Japan. Before she can ponder this further, however, Emi receives a call from Emerada informing her that Lailah, her mother, is looking for her.

Based on the popular light novel series by Satoshi Wagahara, new episodes of The Devil is a Part-Timer! stream every Thursday on Crunchyroll.

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