How to style a baseball cap this summer

Baseball caps are iconic outerwear accessories, especially during the spring through fall baseball season. But while many people wear baseball caps regularly, not everyone looks great in this classic American headwear.

In fact, you need to know how to style a baseball cap this summer, at least if you want to sport your favorite hat in style! Now let’s see how you can wear standard baseball caps, decorative baseball caps, and even military-themed caps from retailers like USAMM!

Choose the right type of baseball cap

First, you need to make sure you choose the right type of baseball cap for your preferences. The most common types of baseball caps include:

  • Snapback caps. These feature six panels and have a more structured design overall. They are especially popular among major league baseball players. Choose these if you want a classic yet stylish baseball cap to wear virtually anywhere.
  • Five panel caps. These baseball caps are popular among skateboarders and as casual headwear accessories. They have low profiles and rounded shapes, so they can be a bit more comfortable in certain circumstances as well.
  • Trucker caps come with vented backs for better heat dissipation. Consider getting a trucker cap or two if you like the idea of ​​your head not sweating while wearing a baseball cap in the hot summer sun!
  • Dad caps, which are making a comeback in terms of fashion. They usually have very simple curved tip designs and unstructured bodies. Thus, they are soft, comfortable and perfect for beginners in this headgear accessory.
  • Sports caps are traditional baseball caps and first arrived over 100 years ago. Most of them are made with lightweight and often high-tech fabrics, so they can be great for wicking away sweat (if made with a moisture-wicking fabric, that is) .
  • High-end baseball caps can come with high-quality textured fabrics, special designs, and even interesting graphics. Choose one if you want a baseball cap that will last a long time.

There are many types of baseball caps to choose from. Generally, you’ll want to choose a mid-priced baseball cap with the right embellishments or graphics on the front.

For example, you can always pick up a baseball cap to show your support for the local baseball team – and often at your local ballpark!

Wear the right clothes + accessories

Once you have chosen the right baseball cap, remember that you need to pair it with the right accessories and clothing.

Clean + minimal styling

You can always pair your baseball cap with a minimalist and clean style. Choose pants, shirts and jackets in fabrics like wool, corduroy and suede to add a bit of luxury to the mix.

Summer clothes

Of course, you can also pair your baseball cap with summer clothes, like shorts, t-shirts, graphic tees, sneakers, etc. These are the perfect clothes to wear with a baseball cap that you plan to bring to a baseball game.

Also, you can wear many graphic baseball caps with summer clothes like cargo shorts and t-shirts. For example, USAMM Navy caps are perfect if you’re a veteran and want to show off your Armed Forces pride in a casual way without having to wear a sweater or oversized jacket.

Since baseball caps are so casual, you can also pair these headwear accessories with bracelets, necklaces or even sandals depending on your preference.

street wear

Naturally, baseball caps are the perfect accompaniment to streetwear clothing. Think things like chinos, tank tops, Converse shoes, and flip flops. However, if you are pairing your baseball cap with streetwear accessories and items, you will want to choose one of the more casual and inexpensive types of baseball caps above rather than one of the quality textured baseball caps superior.

Match the cap to the clothes

Above all, remember to always match your chosen baseball cap with your clothes in terms of tone and level of luxury. For example, if you have a dark baseball cap, you will want to pair that cap with dark clothing and accessories like dark shorts, a black t-shirt, and similar items.

The reverse, of course, is true if your chosen baseball cap is light in color or dominated by lighter pastel or beige tones. Straight t-shirts, colorful polo shirts and gray or beige cargo pants should go perfectly with baseball caps of this type.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to wear baseball caps in style – and there are plenty of great baseball caps out there! Whether you prefer graphic baseball caps, plain caps, or veteran baseball caps, there’s sure to be a great hat waiting for you. Don’t forget to wear it to your next baseball game!

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