JEE Advanced, NEET UG results are out! Didn’t score what you expected? Then re- Edexlive

Exams! That one word that manages to send a shiver down your spine, even today! The NORMAL and ROUTINE exams themselves would give me panic attacks, I can only imagine the fate of those who wrote those who decide their future, like NEET or JEE Advanced for example. the results of which came out recently.

NEET UG and JEE Advanced results are out and many EXPERTS have been talking about how to deal with results induced anxiety but I still decided to give you my full opinion because there is one main aspect that makes a difference here…I’ve actually been in your shoes and can empathize 100% with all of you!

But that’s not it, remember the saying of American inventor Thomas Alva Edison? That he didn’t fail but discovered many ways NOT to make a light bulb. Well, I can certainly share my perspective on how NOT to make the same mistakes I did. Today’s conversation with all of you is an honest attempt to get you ready to hold your own now that the results are in. Especially if you don’t get the grades you were hoping for.

But before you do, here’s a word of warning… These tips are not meant to be used as EXCUSES or AMMUNITION to win arguments without putting in the effort required, but rather to be used as a guide to understanding each other in a meaningful way. deeper. in order to avoid BURNING OUT in the long term.

Competition, Expectation, Satisfaction!
These three keywords are pretty self-explanatory, but let me give you my detailed review anyway, based on my experience.

The first aspect that we all need to understand is that the competition is constantly increasing. It was very different when our parents were in our place and it is incomparable when you consider the present. There’s only ONE FIRST PLACE…isn’t there? It’s okay if you weren’t the ONLY one, but remember you were ONE of the many who completed the challenge.

You should ALSO remember that if you didn’t do well, you may have been in the BAD COMPETITION to begin with. You must ALSO understand that there is absolutely no point in REPENTING, feeling guilty or fighting. It was not just an experience but a very important LEARNING that will add immense value to your life.

Managing/managing expectations is a LIFE SKILL that I believe should be taught as early as possible and should be the very foundation of our education system. We learn or learn to EXPECT top grades, become TOPPERS and so on. When our parents EXPECT us and put pressure on us, it’s actually when we tend NOT to meet their expectations. When we set our own EXPECTATIONS, we often don’t set realistic ones. We often tend to give in to peer or societal pressure.

Not everyone is supposed to be a doctor or an engineer, I have one of each in my house and here I am, doing something my parents and I never expected even in my wildest dreams. crazy. If I’m writing this even after five years, that means I got something right, right? If something isn’t working go back to the drawing board and find other options that really VIBE GOOD with you, maybe this review or any other for that matter made you realize that.

We humans are used to aiming for everything in life to be as simple as making INSTANT NOODLES. We indulge and want to do it repeatedly. We aim for the QUICKEST, EASIEST and MOST FAVORABLE RESULTS. But life isn’t that easy, is it? I have seen many students DECIDE on their future just to have a KICK while making the decision.

“My best friend is going to become DOC(TOR), leave me too!” is a common reasoning that I’ve heard more times than I can count, but has your BEST ever told you that he’s been planning on pursuing this for a very long time? I’m not saying someone led you astray, but you allowed your satisfaction to make the decision for you rather than deciding what you want, working on it, and enjoying the process of GRATIFICATION.

As I end this week, all I want to say is… dear ones, please CHILL! Don’t worry and get sick! You will certainly find another way, use your WILL!

With my greetings and the constant assurance that I am always here for you all,
Adarsh ​​Benakappa Basavaraj
“Your Coach”

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