Jeremy Scott’s Latest Adidas Wings Sneaker Is Too Much To Handle

In a sneaker world obsessed with Yeezys and Nike Dunks, Jeremy Scott’s Adidas line offers a refreshingly playful twist: the designer’s work is known for its bright colors, odd textures and random additions like skulls and wings. Teddy bear. Scott’s latest creation, however, has us wishing for less maximalism.

Adidas has unveiled a downgraded version of Scott’s Forum Wings 4.0 sneaker, which debuted in December in an all-white palette. The shoe is clearly inspired by the designer’s original Wings line, reversing a set of wings on the shoe’s collar so that their tip points towards the toe rather than outwards. Subtle, yet still assertive, the sneaker isn’t bad – but its new color scheme is too much.

Fly away – The previous tonal iteration of the Forum Wings 4.0 allowed wearers to focus on its namesake, highlighted in crisp black. But the addition of a royal blue color – which fades from light blue to white to green through the midfoot and heel – makes it seem like every aspect of the shoe is fighting for attention. It’s hard to appreciate Scott’s signature Wings or Three Stripes logos that fade from white to lavender.


Scott always thinks big, but his latest sneakers cross the line between maximalism and exaggeration. Unlike its previous silver print kicks or teddy bear slides, the Forum Wings 4.0 gradient doesn’t seem to know when to stop. If the design had been simpler – perhaps removing the gradient in favor of a solid color – other details on the shoe might have been more of a highlight than a setback.

At the ankle straps, Scott added Adidas branded bubbles, filled with yellow backgrounds and blue fonts. The retro design pairs well with Adidas’ Trefoil logo on the tongue, done in a neon pink colourway. Every detail is reminiscent of the 80s – the era that first welcomed Adidas’ Forum sneaker – but becomes overlooked when placed next to multiple gradients and a huge wing. Still, there’s hope that Scott could release multiple color schemes of the sneaker, preferably simpler ones.

Coming next month — Overall, the designer creates sneakers like no one else – so if you’re tired of two-tone Dunks or just love doing the most, mark your calendar for a March 23 release on the Adidas Confirmed app. . According to the latest Scott Forums, the Forum Wings 4.0 will retail for $180, so be prepared to shell out the cash for sneakers that are anything but.

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