Kamala Harris is said to have felt ‘belittled’ by her Vogue cover where she is pictured wearing skinny jeans and Converse

Vice President Kamala Harris.Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images

  • Kamala Harris felt ‘belittled’ by Vogue after her February 2021 cover was leaked, according to a new book.

  • She was reportedly “hurt” by the magazine choosing a photo of her in skinny jeans and Converse.

  • According to the authors, Anna Wintour personally chose the image to make Harris look “relatable”.

Vice President Kamala Harris felt “belittled” after seeing the leaked image of her Vogue magazine cover from February 2021, according to a forthcoming book.

Politico reviewed an excerpt from “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future,” an upcoming book by New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns. It delves into the controversy surrounding Harris’ Vogue magazine cover, which erupted in January 2021 before she and President Biden were officially inaugurated.

According to the authors, Harris was not thrilled when she discovered the photo of herself wearing a black blazer, white top, black tapered pants and her signature Converse sneakers would appear on one of the two covers of the edition. magazine’s February issue two weeks before the grand opening, as Politico reported.

The photo, taken by Vogue’s first black cover photographer, Tyler Mitchell, was leaked on Twitter before the magazine hit the stands. At the time, journalist Yashar Ali tweeted that “a source familiar with publishing plans” said Harris and Vogue’s team disagreed on the cover photo.

According to Politico’s report on the excerpts, the authors of the forthcoming book described him as “an accessible but less than grandiose portrayal of the new vice president.”

“Harris was injured,” the authors wrote. “She felt belittled by the magazine, asking her contributors: Would Vogue portray another global leader this way?”

The book goes on to claim that Harris’ incoming publicist Symone Sanders spoke to Anna Wintour – the magazine’s global editorial director – about the vice president’s disapproval of the photo, but that the mogul fashion said she personally chose her for the cover. because Harris looked “relatable”.

Sanders and reps for Harris and Wintour did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Harris and his team’s apparent frustration with Vogue’s choice has reportedly caused a ripple effect of tension with President Biden’s team. Following the Jan. 6 riots, the book’s authors claim an adviser to the new president said “now was not the time to go to war with Vogue over a relatively trivial aesthetic issue.”

Harris’ Vogue cover received mixed reviews at the time

Insider previously reported that many of the vice president’s supporters said the leaked coverage didn’t “do him justice” and even criticized the lighting used.

However, others thought it celebrated her style and shared their appreciation for the set design’s pink and green color scheme which gave a subtle nod to her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority days, Vogue reported.

Wintour spoke to The New York Times about the criticism the photo received at the time, and said “it was absolutely not our intention to diminish in any way the significance of the Vice President’s incredible victory. president-elect”.

Ultimately, following the response, Vogue decided to sell a limited-edition digital “inaugural issue” for $7.99 along with the other cover image from the shoot, which showed her wearing a powder blue suit.

“In recognition of the tremendous interest in digital coverage and to celebrate this historic moment, we will release a limited number of special-edition inaugural issues,” a Vogue spokesperson told Insider at the time via email. mail.

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