Some of the best content involving Lil Uzi Vert includes him as his most comfortable self. Whether freestyle with random fans or dancing at the slightest opportunity, Uzi has always been a fun-loving person.

Most recently, Uzi once again showed off his elite dancing skills on Tuesday, January 11, when he was seen breakdancing in a circle with some of his fans on a random street corner. As his 2021 song with Meek Mill “Blue Notes 2” plays in the background, Uzi gives a spirited B-Boy dance performance.

Other times recently, Uzi showed off his dance prowess during his viral “Futsal Shuffle” dance challenge in early 2020, as well as when he showed up at a fan’s wedding and partied hard. August 2021.

As he poured a ton of energy into entertaining a crowd of people in his latest dance video, sneakerheads noticed Uzi kicking infrequently in the process. On closer inspection, you’ll notice Uzi wearing the Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Zen Grey”, dating back to before Kanye West left Nike for Adidas in 2013, almost a decade ago.

Some of the most popular Nike Yeezy shoes are the “Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October”, but the “Zen Grey” edition is much rarer. So while you appreciate Lil Uzi’s polished dancing ability, his eye for collectible sneakers is just as impressive.

Check out the Lil Uzi Vert breakdance music video below.