Loungewear for men

The bag, the athletic-bottomed shoes, the loud-cut Polynesian bowling shirt and the loose-fitting Judo-Esque jimmy-jams with a floating crotch, among confined men, rewrote their Look Book. The lexicon of loungewear has expanded. Hosiery just got cooler.

The men refused to ditch their athleisure and get out of their sweatpants or ditch their joggers, ditch their Tiger Cubans or cotton modals, Merino Wool Hoodiestheir moisture-wicking base layer, Under Armor compression garments, and non-fitting oversized comfort roamers that are fair trade and sweatshop-free.

In counter-response to the pandemic, which has attacked ties and removed so many formal outer layers of the human body like suits and shiny work shoes and affected the dress sense of millions, loungewear has become work clothes and men followed the female lead and finally developed their own high and low dress sense.

Ultra-stretch and roomy soft fits for day and night are in fashion. Both indoors and outdoors, yoga clothes are accepted in the virtual office.

From inside/outside CDLP Scandi woven lyocell, loopbacks, Pima cotton and AIM “Always in Motion” underwear, companies like Lulumon, Scott Sternberg’s Entire world, Paige Mycoskie’s lightning bolt pattern Aviator Nation, Kappa, Derek Rose, Desmond & Dempsey, Basic Rights, Castore, Bruno Cucinello, Reiss, Hanro and Sunspel revamped the male weekday performance wear wardrobe.


There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to realize that he is not and never will be Harry Styles. But he can still rock eucalyptus and peppermint Pangaia sweatshirts and tees and not shy away from Fear of Gods muted mustard and Everlane neutrals. He can wear Les Girls Les Boys sleepwear without looking too much like Rip Van Winkle.

Founded in 1860, Sunspel has largely pioneered loungewear. den clothes, salon chic and salon fashion. He created some of the world’s first T-shirts.


Thomas Hill has opened its hosiery and underwear factory in Newdigate, Nottingham, in the UK’s Midlands. By the late 1800s, the company was making luxury tunics and undershirts from lightweight Sea Island cotton for export to the Far East and other warm climates. While these garments initially had silk button plackets, these were removed in the early 1900s and replaced with simple bound collars to reduce manufacturing costs – creating the T-shirt, made in Long Eaton, England, and made from luxurious long-staple Supima cotton for unrivaled softness, comfort and durability.


Sunspel has just released a modern Sunspel x Casely-Hayford tailored jacket and pant capsule combining Sunspel’s textile expertise with Casely-Hayford’s contemporary, unstructured silhouettes.

In 1947 Sunspel introduced boxer briefs to British shores and have remained specialists ever since. They also dress Mr. Bond. James Bond.

Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming commissioned the quintessentially British company to design Daniel Craig’s Bond chest pocket t-shirts, underwear and polo shirts. In particular, its Quality 75 (Q5) Riviera knit. In the 1956 book “Diamonds Are Forever”, Bond’s suitcase contains “dark blue Sea Island cotton shirts with attached collars and short sleeves”. In movies, thunder ball (1965) and Dr. No (1962) he wears a navy blue and light blue polo shirt.


the Riviera polo shirt, made from warp-knit cotton fabric was invented in the 1950s by Peter Hill, the grandson of the company’s founder. Dissatisfied with the piqué polo shirts available at the time, he developed a soft, light and breathable fabric on lace machines. Just the thing to see lounging on the beach. You still can’t see 007 in bamboo budgie smugglers or a pair of high-waisted yoga or Pilates tights with leggings bottoms.

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