‘My daughter, Riley, threw Nike and Adidas shoes across the room’: Steph Curry reveals how he landed on Under Armor as his final pick with the help of his two-year-old

Steph Curry asked her daughter, Riley Curry, to help her decide which brand to choose, and she did more than just narrow down her choice.

Steph Curry didn’t exactly burst onto the scene like a LeBron James or a Kevin Durant when he was first drafted in 2009. As a backup to Monta Ellis for a few years, Curry had to make his way to become the superstar he is today. During his come-up, or at least 4 years of it, the sniper wore Nikes.

He even wore Nikes during his historic 54-point outburst at Madison Square Garden in 2013, the Nike Zoom Hyperfuses, to be more specific. Everything from Foot Locker advertisements endorsing Nike to wearing their gear, all the signs pointed to him signing with them when the time came.

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Unfortunately for them, Steph’s time with them would come to an end after that 2013 season. There were several competitors who wanted the rising star to sign with them like Adidas Brand Black, and of course, Under Armour.

Steph Curry explains how Riley Curry helped him choose Under Armor over the rest.

Nike missed its pitch for Steph Curry. From pronouncing his name as “Steff-on” to reusing a presentation they posted for Kevin Durant, it clearly wasn’t them. One brand that was surprisingly in the fold was Brand Black who was involved with Jamal Crawford and therefore had a decent reputation.

Under Armor came right off the bat. They not only promised to make Curry the face of their brand, but also increased Nike’s $2.5 million offer to $4 million.

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The final test for Steph was asking her then 2-year-old daughter, Riley, what he should do. “I was at my agent and I was kind of messing around; had a bag full of all the shoes I was wearing. It was going into that last hour like, ‘What are you going to do?’ “

“I messed around and said, ‘Riley come over here’, I had Nike, Adidas, Brand Black, Under Armour. I told him go pick his favorite and give it to dad. But I know his side dramatic, even at 2, she did the process of elimination and she would pick one up and throw it across the room. She did the first 3 and ran up to me and handed me the ‘Spawn’.” [at the 8:52 mark]

Fast forward to the present day and Steph’s contribution to UA is estimated to be around $14 billion. He even branched out into his own Curry brand under the Under Armour umbrella, having released 7 signature shoes with the “SC” logo.

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