New Adidas running shoes have less than a fifth of the carbon footprint of a kilo of coffee

Runners are generally environmentally conscious (not running, though) and if you’re one of those runners you’ll appreciate Adidas’ new performance running shoes, the FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT, created in collaboration with Allbirds. . Adidas is already famous for designing the best running shoes that aren’t too bad for the environment either, but with the new Adidas x Allbirds FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT, Adidas has taken their green-game to a whole new level.

Adidas continues to release increasingly green shoes of late. The brilliant Adidas 4DFDW running shoes are made of at least 40% “ bio-based ” material and now the Adidas x Allbirds FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT, the result of a collaboration between two environmentally conscious brands, has an imprint carbon reduction of 2.94 kg CO2e, representing 63% less emissions compared to a comparable running shoe, the adizero RC3 at 7.86 kg of C02e.

The FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT is an admirable effort by both brands and certainly a step in the right direction, but the collaboration is far from the only lasting performance running shoe on the market today. The On Cyclon is a subscription-based shoe that is 100% recycled when returned to On Running after being worn out. the Salomon Index 01 is a concept similar to Cyclon in that the shoes are recycled when returned to the manufacturer and also use recycled materials in the shoes themselves, but these shoes can be purchased with a one-time payment.

However, FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT takes a slightly different perspective on sustainability and tries to reduce the overall carbon footprint of shoes when it comes to manufacturing (and probably shipping, at least hopefully). Best of all, just like the Cyclon and Index.01, the FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT is considered a performance running shoe, so not just for the eyes. Excellent!

FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT will see an initial launch in May with a draw of 100 pairs at Adidas Creators Club Members, before an FW21 version limited to 10,000 pairs, and a larger version in SS22.

Some of the uppers used in Adidas performance shoes were durable enough, including the Primegreen line which does not use “ virgin ” plastic, meaning all the plastic included in the material is recycled and not created.

The Adidas Parley line also uses recycled “ ocean plastic ”, and even to think that there is enough plastic in the oceans to power such operations is disturbing, but at least Adidas is doing its part to make it happen. get rid of. in a meaningful way.

Representing another material collaboration, the new uppers material used in FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT is made from 70% recycled polyester and 30% natural Tencel – a material made from wood pulp – for a “smooth, lightweight upper. which meets performance expectations with a very low carbon impact, ”as Adidas explains.

The FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT midsole compound is reimagined with SweetFoam made from Allbirds ‘sugarcane, offering a’ natural low carbon component ‘and based on Adidas’ popular Lightstrike midsole, the same compound of midsole used in the excellent Adidas SL20 running shoes and Adidas ZG21 golf shoes.

We highly recommend signing up for the Adidas Creators Club so you can get your hands on the shoes as soon as possible, although if you’re happy to wait a few months the shoes will have a larger version in SS22. There are only 8 to 10 months left!

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