Nike launches sneakers and virtual outfits for the metaverse

As companies like Meta, formerly known as Facebook, and Microsoft strive to create a virtual world for users to interact with each other, various brands prepare to release their digital articles for digital worlds. future. Among other things, global sportswear brand Nike is now reportedly preparing to use its popular brand for various virtual products. And now he is looking for employees to design virtual objects for the digital world.

According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, Nike recently filed new trademark applications for some of its popular intellectual properties, including the NIKE trademark, the “Just Do It” slogan and the swoosh logo to be used for virtual products. In his tweet, Gerben mentioned that the company is heading towards the Metaverse. You can check out the tweet just below.

Apart from that, Nike is also looking for employees to design virtual products for digital spaces. Currently, the company is recruiting people for the role of designer of virtual materials, especially for shoes. In reality, one of the job offers says the designer of virtual materials “Will play a key role in the redefinition [Nike’s] digital world, inaugurating [the brand] in the metaverse.

Nike wants to launch sneakers and virtual outfits for the Metaverse, reveals trademarks

The person applying for the position should be an expert in understanding various 3D software and virtual material creation tools. They should also have an understanding of shading patterns, rendering technology, and material capture solutions as per Nike’s official job description.

Now, although Nike has recently filed for trademark applications for its virtual products, it will be some time before we see them in the virtual world. However, with the massive popularity of NFTs in today’s market and the growing hype around virtual collectibles, we might see the company release its digital products sooner rather than later.

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