‘No oceans, no human life’: Rohit sends message of sustainability with his adidas shoes

Continuing his activism on the pitch, Rohit Sharma once again took to the pitch wearing a specially designed shoe, highlighting his cause for ‘End Plastic Waste’ and ‘Saving Marine Life’.

During the recent game against Rajasthan Royals, Rohit walked onto the pitch with his specially designed shoes showing a turtle swimming in the pristine blue waters of the ocean, with the message ‘End Plastic Waste’ written on them. This is the third time Rohit has supported the cause in the ongoing 15th edition of IPL.

Earlier on his instagram, Rohit shared pictures of the shoe with the caption “The ocean is my happy place. It’s a world like no other and it needs to be protected. One of the biggest threats to the the health of our oceans is the plastic! it’s polluting our oceans and it’s not just our marine life that pays the price. Our well-being depends HUGELY on our oceans. No oceans, no human life. The smallest and most effective action you can take: don’t throw trash in the ocean and stop those around you from doing so.”

He then made a commitment to partner with adidas to clean up the oceans. Rohit wrote, “Together with @adidasIndia, we are here to support creating a sustainable planet.

For every run I score in this year’s IPL, @adidasIndia will collect 10 plastic bottles from the beaches of Mumbai.”

Rohit has dedicated himself to this cause on and off the pitch and has also been seen promoting environmental causes in previous editions of IPL.

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