OHL gets 10 (!) Extra minutes against Standard

At Standard, all eyes were on Luka Elsner. The Slovenian canceled his contract at Kortrijk to be in the Liège pits and immediately brought up some surprising names. Dussenne and Carcela were never a choice under Leye, but they appeared on base and on the bench respectively. Up front, Dragos and Tapsoba join Klauss, the previously often overlooked one.

Breathtaking attacking play didn’t pay off right away, but neither did the OHL. When the ball hits forward, no teammate is hit or a lukewarm attempt is returned without any problem. Long shots from the visitors ended up in good hands for Bodart and Romo didn’t have to make heroic saves either.

However, the ban was lifted before the end of the first half. Dragos himself appeared to tear off the neck from Liege’s attack, but managed to hand the ball over to Klauss, who kicked surprisingly out of his turn. It was very surprising that Romo couldn’t pin the ball, after which Tapsuba took advantage of the rebound to snuggle into the net. OHL’s response was limited to an attempt by Schrijvers, who had few really serious shoe sizes.

After the break it had to be something different, especially with the visitors. However, the standard was the best. Soon Romo had to start after a Bastian shot, but after a minute the Venezuelan looked worse with Dragos’ movement. He just managed to hit the ball in front of a rushing Keita, then Romo saw the ball hit the net right next to him.

After 2-0, Dragos managed to get the ball back and just two minutes later the Roman put the ball back into the basket. The assistant referee noticed an offside, but the VAR would check it quickly. This check ultimately lasted seven long minutes, and the conclusion was that the assistant referee was right: offside, not 3-0.

When DeWest saw his connection goal hit the crossbar, not the goal, Standard looked on course for a satisfying victory, although 10 minutes of overtime decided otherwise. Mercier’s superb 96th-minute shot made Standard’s knees tremble and Capa’s 99th-minute equalizer marked Standard’s worst fan.

The fireworks display next to OHL goalkeeper Romo was the signal for referee Van Damme to end the game. Standard are awarding three gold points for an incredible place, and Standard coach Luka Elsner made his debut in bad taste.

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