Police Beat 11/23/2021: Special packages and bad decisions

This week on the Daily wild cat PoBeat, reporter Annabel Lecky describes a special delivery gone awry, Vic Verbalaitis details a frightening encounter, and Kate Ewing recaps an attempted bike theft that turned into a drug possession arrest.

US Postal Service hits the jackPOT

A University of Arizona student and resident of the Coronado Residence was arrested by the University of Arizona Police Department after having marijuana delivered to the student mailroom on Monday, October 4 .

A resident assistant noticed the particular delivery while working in the Coronado mailroom after a strong smell of marijuana escaped from the package, although it was sealed. Before the UAPD could arrive on the scene, the student had already collected her package with her CatCard and had returned to her room, without asking any questions.


Just when the AU student thought she was safe, UAPD knocked on her door and demanded to enter her room. She complied and the officer began to question her about the contents of the package.

According to the UAPD, the student said, “yeah, that’s marijuana”. She informed officers that she did not have a medical marijuana license and had been a smoker for years.

The student also admitted that someone from the house sent the weed to him. UAPD read her Miranda rights to her and referred her to the Dean of Students for a code of conduct violation.

Bad hair day

Admiring the hairstyles of others is not uncommon in the general population. However, there comes a time when awe can turn into frightening and obsession.

According to a UAPD report, an AU student was assaulted by a man in a parking lot near the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house on Thursday evening, October 28.

The report states that the suspect in question had non-consensually grabbed the victim’s hair, before feeling their hair and touching the lower back. The victim was not injured but expressed that she felt uncomfortable by the encounter. A friend of the victim reportedly yelled at the suspect to leave before calling the police.

In the police report, an officer described the suspect as a white male in his thirties with brown hair, wearing a black shirt, jeans and Converse shoes. The victim told police that the man appeared to be “homeless” because he had in his possession a plastic bag full of various items.

A call to UAPD about the incident was also made by a sober security monitor for Phi Delta Theta, who was approached by the victim after the incident. UAPD agents answered the call and the victim informed them that they wanted to take legal action against the suspect.

A bad compromise

Stealing a $ 300 bike in exchange for $ 50 in food stamps sounds like a pretty bad deal, but to some it may seem like an attractive proposition.

According to a UAPD police report, an officer was conducting an area check of the Arizona-Sonora residence when he came across a man attempting to steal a blue cruise bike on Wednesday, October 6.

The man appeared to be sawing off a bicycle lock when the officer confronted him and told him to sit down. The man complied and also informed the officer that he had a knife on his hip. The policeman confiscated the knife and handcuffed the man.

While detaining the suspect, the officer felt a backpack hidden by his sweatshirt. The suspect later revealed to the officer that inside the backpack he might have drug paraphernalia. He also informed the officer that he smoked methamphetamine on a fairly regular basis.

A leather pouch was found in the suspect’s backpack and contained a burnt glass pipe, a straw, and a white crystalline substance later confirmed to be 1.1 grams of methamphetamine.

The officer recognized the man’s face in previous encounters on campus and a records check via the UAPD dispatch revealed he had an active exclusion order from the AU.

The suspect was subsequently charged with attempted theft, criminal damage, trespassing and possession of methamphetamine.

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