Recap of episode 4 of season 1 of “The Sex Lives of College Girls”


Being involved in Greek life as a woman makes you sensitive to life like only a few places can. You might feel hyper-aware of your body, your mind on high alert for lost hands, and past drinks you never saw poured out. The rest of your senses are suffocated by the teenage bullshit around you – the suction stick on the floor, the head-sized ball of hair in your shower drain and the fact that everything smells a little too much. the piss. Just one small too much piss.

It’s like being in a fish bowl, and you are the prized plump goldfish. The sisterhood girls know this better than the rest, and in this episode, where our girls challenge and submit to the various men who try to rule them, Leighton gets a bitter taste of sanity. The comedy ensues.

It’s peak season at Essex College, and Leighton and Whitney get an invitation to Kappa Beta Rho’s “pre-rush brunch”. Kimberly dismisses Greek life as exclusive spaces that promote the ‘woman-on-woman war’, but in reality she just complains about not having received an invitation herself, and Bela, also excluded. , sympathize. Leighton is shocked that Whitney is brunching with the Kappa girls because Whitney “wears sneakers with dresses” and not a TJ Maxx cardigan that says “I AM FROM NEW YORK” on the sleeves like her. Guess Leighton never had brunch in Bushwick.

But let’s stop here. I have questions. Is Kappa the only sorority at Essex College? Why were the four roommates with very different personalities (and pockets – there’s no way Kimberly could afford sorority fees) hoping to rush the same sorority? Does Kimberly know that skipping a pre-rush event won’t stop you from rushing? Of course, I don’t expect a show to be 100% true to real life, but this one could at least make some college jokes that show they know how college works. .

Either way, Whitney and Leighton go to brunch, Leighton makes more aggressive sneaker comments, and as expected, the sorority is mostly populated by blonde white women wearing knee-length flowers from The Pants Store. Whitney rightly calls it all “Get out shit, ”but I’m a little surprised at her naivety of what a New England sorority looks like. Especially since she’s the daughter of a senator – isn’t she used to seeing so many Ella Emhoff in one place?

She has a horrible time chatting with the Kappa sisters who drool over her. There is a last two minute about everyone in the sorority being called “Ashley”, which is my famous name. Whitney talks to an Ashlee, an Ashleigh, an Ashleye and finally an Ashlie, and it looks like she’s about to throw up a physical copy of Ashlee Simpson’s 2004 album Autobiography, or, better yet, a link to a The daily mail Ashley Olsen’s Lyme Disease article. What can I say ? We were all born in the 90s.

The sisters complement Whitney’s infamous sneakers which I guess are Yeezys made from ground Cheetos or something like that on the borderline of culture and technology. Completely out of Ashley, Whitney leaves early to catch the football team bus for an away game, leaving embarrassing and serious Leighton to fend for herself. This brunch is the first time we’ve seen Leighton express explicitly positive emotions: excitement and simple desire. Maybe her body isn’t used to it, and that’s why she goes a little too far with the sisters, desperately wanting them to love her and failing.

The sister she admires the most, uh, “Quinn Canon” (let’s rename her to Ashley Ashlerson), pulls her aside to tell her that. Quinn also reveals that Nutrigrain Nico’s fraternity brother who gave him COVID (COVID namedrop!), Colby Strong’s Cory, has a huge crush on Leighton, who then depressingly claims to have a huge crush on him for the sisters. of the sorority love it. By forcing himself to have sex with a random, COVID-spitting sibling. Is he even vaccinated?

Honestly, I found it all difficult to watch. It had to happen since Leighton is so far in the closet that she’s about to become a lost sock, but still, it doesn’t feel good to see Leighton betray herself and her body.

Dalton and Whitney’s ongoing lovemaking also makes my stomach growl, mainly because I feel like the show wants us to find her cute. The two share a disgusting scorching little kiss in the bushes before Dalton gets excited about “all the hot hotel sex” he plans to have with Whitney during their away game. Whitney, bless her heart, is still completely convinced that Dalton is going to leave his wife, that he is not going to leave. The series then really tries to convince us that Dalton is desirable.

When he gets up in front of the soccer team on the bus to tell them to respect their curfew (unless it’s to sleep with him in the hotel), a few girls call him – wait, I swallow my acid reflux – “daddy” tell him to take off his shirt and ask him why he is “so well”. He tells them he’s not their – sorry, there’s that ebb again – “sexy daddy” but their coach, who deserves respect. What we’re looking at here, folks, is just your “sexual harassment disguised as a joke because it happens to a man”, but with the complicated extra layer of “the man in question is also using his power to attack himself. to a teenage girl “and” we’re supposed to think this is all hot. ” Smile and keep walking. Maybe it won’t hurt us.

Whitney accidentally ends up telling her teammate Willow (Renika Williams) about her affair by scrolling too far and showing Willow a photo of shirtless Dalton that she had recorded in her filmstrip. She tries to defend herself by shouting, “I can’t help myself! I think I, like, love it! Whitney, don’t try that shit on me. On the other hand, Willow is a disconcertingly supportive friend, assuring Whitney that she won’t reveal her secret and encouraging her to have “rough straight sex” with their trainer. At the very least, this episode is a huge victory for straight sex.

While everyone is missionary, Bela and Kimberly spend the episode getting ready and then attending a Catullan elders event where Bela hopes to convince a fictional comedy god to be her mentor. Unfortunately, like many men in comedy, he turns out to be a misogynist. and a racist and gives Bela hope by calling her funny, only to use her as the butt of his old talk jokes. He says that “people like her are the future of comedy”, but only because she would be able to sell a TV show “about an eccentric ethnic woman trying to balance her love life and her career.” Alright, Woody Allen, just review New girl if you want a show about an eccentric white woman.

Bela is devastated that her idol humiliates her so publicly (not to say, in such a lazy and deeply not funny way), but, putting aside all the self-mockery of the previous episodes, she is completely confident to humiliate her. in return. She calls him an asshole, funny as a “toxic podcast” and, just to make things really clear, asks him to eat shit. Sexual lives can certainly be superficial in its take on feminism, but sometimes you just want to take advantage of a girl telling an old man to eat shit, and it was definitely a satisfying time.

Kimberly is mostly just for Catullan’s ride in this episode, and we don’t get much from her. However, she buys an expensive LBD from Bela with the intention of returning it, only to rip the tag off right away when Nico leaves this comment on her Instagram: “That dress tho.” God. Who let him out of it. Guys Who Love NFTs Of Animals Vaping Weed convention earlier? Put it back on and pick up her phone. She looked stunning in that dress yet.

Each girl starts to show more of her emotional core in this episode, although much of it seems to be made up of mean men and the relationships the girls develop with them, except in the case of Kimberly and Nico, of course, who will be. probably growing up to own land and a muesli cabinet in Idaho. He’s a muesli man. Let’s keep the feelings coming.


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