Some of my recent purchases on Amazon:

ELECTRIC LIGHTER // I was tired of looking for matches around our house to light candles and the lighters we usually have on hand are just ugly (ha). I found this amazing refillable lighter in a lovely blue and it’s so cool. It is ideal for lighting our favorite candles.

IPHONE 14 PRO CASE // Before I got my new phone, I made sure I had a case! This one is pretty inexpensive and can tie me up (and keep my phone safe!!!) until brands start releasing the new sizes. I ended up magnet the blue one though, so maybe I’ll keep it for a while. (Maybe I’ll add this suction cup mount I saw on TikTok for shooting videos 🙈)

SET OF 2 SCARVES (less than $12) // BEST FIND OF THE YEAR. Two darling scarves for less than $12. They’re the perfect size to tie over a ponytail, around the neck, or on a handbag.

SET OF 2 SUNGLASSES (under $17) // Am I an Amazon sunglasses girl now? I’ve been a bit obsessed with getting new pairs to suit my mood – and ones I don’t have to worry about Jack grabbing and chewing on. They are so cute and incredibly light. They don’t squeeze your head or give you a headache at all. (And also good pairs to put on the top of your head – you know how some tangle? They won’t.)

PICKLEBALLS // It goes without saying, but I’m ready to step up my pickleball game. We had to restock our reserve!

FLOATING LIBRARIES // We’re still working on converting the basement into a “game room” for Jack. I just ordered these floating shelves to hang on so I can put some of her favorite books on the bottom.

ANTI-HEADACHE CAP // This sounds crazy, but believe me if you suffer from headaches, you need this. Again, this looks ridiculous. But it’s amazing on!!

FRAME 8×8 with MAT // I ordered these for a project because I needed 8×8 frames… However when this happened the mat inside was actually much better than I expected, so I decided to hang on to it for something else. I was thinking of trying to do some DIY with Jack and some framing!

TODDLER SHOES // These little Converse knockoffs are so cute. (And I won’t feel as bad when they get too small or dirty!) These are lookalikes for the Converse pair.


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