Relax, but chic, with these raised tracksuits

Remember when sweatpants and loungewear were things you only wore at home, watching movies, and eating take out? Obviously, this is no longer the case. As more people continue to work from home due to the pandemic, tracksuits, athletic wear and loungewear have become staple for shoppers around the world.

And the best part is, people don’t just wear the pieces indoors, they pair them with blazers, jeans and heels to create this iconic Carrie-Bradshaw-on-New-Years-Eve look. that no fashionista will ever forget.

The brands below offer some of the most stylish and versatile tracksuits on the market, all of which can make you feel like you’re uplifted when you run errands, train, jump on a professional Zoom call, or watch shows. in frenzy on your couch.


Love is love, and love is Kappa.

The brand was founded in 1978 in Turin, Italy, as a sportswear arm of the already existing Robe di Kappa, a popular Italian casual wear brand.

Since then, Kappa has expanded its repertoire to include accessories, footwear, children’s sportswear and, most importantly, trendy sportswear tracksuits and sets. Most recently, they launched the LOVE Kappa fall 2021 capsule collection, which includes cropped t-shirts, leggings, shorts, headbands, hoodies, sweatpants and more, all stamped with the new graphic ” LOVE ”brand.

“The inspiration was simply LOVE,” said Dr. Hayes, co-founder and CEO of The Foundation and President of Kappa USA. “Graphically the collection is very simple as the main logo is our iconic Omini logo with the man and woman sitting behind the outlines of a heart. With everything that is happening in the world today, LOVE symbolizes the people who come together.

When asked what constitutes a raised tracksuit, Hayes said his focus is on fabric.

“I favor French fleece tracksuits as opposed to scratched fleece. While brushed fleece can sometimes feel better on the inside, it tends to be very heavy and bulky. French terry is a more refined fabric and it is doing better, ”said Hayes. “We make all of our Kappa tracksuits with heavy French terry.”

And while many brands are eager to get back to designing flashy, high fashion pieces, now that people are traveling and going out again, Hayes said many still hold on to loungewear and casual wear.

“From what I can see, people want tracksuits as well as sandals and beach slides,” he said. “It goes from streetwear to luxury. Most brands at all levels have key versions of these items.

Pangaia x Haroshi

What’s cool, comfortable, and safe for the planet? PANGAIA tracksuits.

The brand was launched in September 2019, after the founders spent months forging partnerships with some of the world’s leading research institutes, laboratories and scientists to ensure their fabrics are as environmentally friendly, smooth and durable as possible. .

That’s how they created FLWRDWN, a warm, animal-friendly down material made from a combination of wildflowers, biopolymer and airgel.

They also work with other bio-based fibers, as well as materials made from recycled clothing waste, to create their sets.

Recently, the brand collaborated with Japanese artist Haroshi, best known for his large-scale sculptures, works and installations mostly constructed from recycled skateboards, on a collection of tracksuits.

The hoodies, t-shirts and sweatpants are stamped with the BE @ RBRICK artwork of Haroshi and Medicom Toy, which aims to mimic the colorful layers of a skateboard deck.

“PANGAIA is dedicated to working with communities, artists and change agents who share the same values ​​and the same mission. Haroshi’s creativity, combined with his love for art and sustainable practices, is perfectly aligned with the brand’s approach, ”the team said.

Their main mission is to change the way the fashion industry approaches clothing production. With their pieces, they hope to set an example for what sustainable fashion could be.

“We would like our products to serve as a model for an attitude change in the industry, exemplified by the combination of investments in new sustainable materials and responsible supply chains,” said the PANGAIA team. “From there, we aim to create transparency in communicating with consumers while embracing new business models that celebrate fashion’s ability to be more experiential than purely consumer-oriented. “

Socialite mundane

Stephanie Kleinjan founded LA’s Socialite brand in 2010 with the goal of “designing clothes to make women feel confident,” she said.

She landed on loungewear because she believes they have the potential to take you into all aspects of your life as you can wear them day or night, at home, or at brunch with friends. .

You can also wear a relaxed top and bottom together, to lounge around at home, or pair a silky camisole with skinny jeans, for a night out.

What makes an elevated tracksuit, in Kleinjan’s eyes, are the unique details: a flattering open back or butter-soft fabric, like that from Socialite’s Satin Lounge collection.

This year, the founder said people are always looking for versatility in their wardrobes, pieces that can adapt to any look.

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