Search for missing Brendan Santo remains focused on river with more dive operations


As state, local and federal investigators pass the month-long mark in their search for Brendan Santo, 18, dive teams from across Michigan meet at Michigan State University on Thursday, December 2 to conduct a more intensive search for red cedar. River, according to an Instagram post from the Bring Brendan Santo homepage.

Divers last searched the river on Nov. 2 when water levels were much higher, campus police said, and this remains an area of ​​particular interest to investigators.

In anticipation of the Dec. 2 dive operations, investigators consulted with experts on topics including river flow and what water levels are expected to be in certain environments, according to a WLNS report. Officials also spent Wednesday, December 1, preparing the area for a thorough search by removing timber and debris from the river.

The challenges to finding Santo in the water include the fast current, depth and lack of visibility of the river, according to a report from MLive.

“There is concrete stacked on top of concrete,” MSU Police Inspector Chris Rozman told MLive. “Bicycles, barricades and all kinds of stuff. Trees and branches and just that big pile of mess that divers consider entanglement hazards. “

Rozman also warned that if Santo fell into the river, recovering a body could take months. He highlighted the disappearance on New Years Eve 1997 of Ryan Getz, 21, according to MLive.

And, with no confirmed sightings from Santo since he was last seen on October 29, the family is urging supporters not to lose interest or focus.

“This ‘affair’ is neither sensational nor flashy,” read a November 30 article on the Bring Brendan Santo Home Facebook page. “There is hardly any lead yet. The general public will have lost interest, and probably lost interest. WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN. We MUST get Brendan home.”

At the time of publication, an official GoFundMe page for Santo has over $ 100,000 in donations. Donations will go towards hiring private entities to increase research efforts, printing of leaflets, family expenses incurred due to absence from work and travel between East Lansing and home, food additional volunteers and media to spread the word, depending on the page.

Santo, a native of Rochester Hills in suburban Detroit and attending Grand Valley State University in western Michigan, was last seen leaving Yakeley Hall on the MSU campus shortly before midnight on October 29, campus police said.

MSU police provided photos of Santo-related items, including a necklace with a cross, car keys and fob, an iPhone12, and a white Converse case and shoes. None of Santo’s personal items were found, MSP police said.

An updated missing flyer to help bring Brendan home was posted on the Bring Brendan Santo Home Facebook page on November 8, 2021.

Take Brendan Santo’s Facebook Page Home

Authorities believe he was on foot when he disappeared; his car has been located, AP reports. And there is no indication that Santo left the East Lansing area since his vehicle was found where he had parked it.

The research focused on the Red Cedar River, which runs 3 km from the campus and is near the last known location of Santo.

Advice on the whereabouts of Santo should be shared with MSUPD at 844-99-MSUPD, or Crime Stoppers at 517-483-STOP.


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