So you think you’re “too dumb” for the UofT?

Here’s a list of some stupid things I’ve thought and done (and hey, I’ve reached third grade)

  1. For a very long time, I didn’t know that tuna was a type of fish.

Do NOT ask me what I thought it was. I didn’t know, okay??! Like, obviously I knew it wasn’t chicken, and it wasn’t beef, so logically I should have come to the conclusion that it was fish. But, alas, I didn’t, until my mother pointed out to me that it was indeed fish and I had a “What am I?” existential. What is life?” moment.

  1. I bought a Blu-ray copy instead of a DVD because I thought it was the same

On a totally unrelated note, if anyone wants an unopened Blu-ray copy of ParasitePlease let me know!!

  1. I forgot my umbrella on the TTC… THREE times

Ah haha ​​no, you guys don’t understand; I left them there objectivein a girlboss-slay-main-character way, of course.

  1. Constantly tell the delivery guy “you too” every time he tells me to enjoy my food

The fact that my brain compulsively makes me say this EVERY TIME is so embarrassing and disrespectful.

  1. I left my rings behind in the EJ Pratt WC

At this point it was NOT going well for me so I started buying myself a Caffiends get coffee, call my mom, and walk around campus crying (again, in a cool way with the main character).

  1. Spoken bad words at a concert

(Okay, that was multiple gigs, and no, I’ll never experience the mortification that comes from knowing that people around you think you’re a “fake fan.”)

  1. thought Gatsby the magnificent took place in the 60s

I’m literally an English major, so that’s just then annoying. If you know me IRL, please forget you’ve already found out about me.

  1. I went out during a windstorm at Converse shoes and a light jacket

Don’t do this!! Obviously the light jacket was not warm enough and the Converse my shoes made my feet feel like two blocks of ice. Canadian Weather: One. Janna: Zero.

  1. I forgot my microphone/camera was on during a Zoom meeting

After the first two times it happens, you just stop caring.

  1. I learned astrology in inappropriate situations

I absolutely can’t resist asking people what their sign is five minutes after meeting them. I don’t care about the situation—I’ll ask!! Did it make people (correctly) think I’m boring and crazy? Yes. But do I regret asking? Absolutely not. It’s just one less Gemini in my life, so who’s the REAL winner?!

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