St. Paul man faces multiple charges related to deadly downtown Minneapolis shooting

Officers also encountered seven other victims who were injured by the gunfire while standing in front of or near the front of the club at the time of the shooting. All the victims received medical treatment at the scene, according to the complaint. A gunshot victim told police she was standing about a block south of the Monarch when she heard gunshots from two guns. She said she fell to the ground but felt something hit her on the back. The witness said she later went to the hospital where she was treated for a small gunshot wound to her back.

Suspected gunman killed in firefight in downtown Minneapolis identified

Near Jones’ body, police found a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and a set of 12 unloaded 9mm cartridge cases. And just south of that location, authorities also discovered a set of 10 unloaded cartridge cases.

The complaint says officers collected surveillance video of the area at the time of the shooting. Images revealed before filming, there were dozens of people standing or walking on the sidewalk outside Monarch nightclub. The crowd began to “frantically disperse” from the area or take cover, with the exception of one man (Carroll) who stood on the sidewalk, pointing and firing a handgun directly at one. other man (Jones). Officers isolated still images of the shooting suspect from different angles and times. Authorities were able to identify the suspect as Carroll from “previous encounters.” Carroll is associated with the “Tre Tres” street gang in northern Minneapolis, according to the complaint.

Officers were able to review video evidence which gave them a better timeline of the events leading up to the shooting. Carroll and “several companions” were standing on the sidewalk south of the Monarch before the shooting. At approximately 1:57 am Jones and “several of his companions” appeared on the sidewalk and a verbal altercation broke out between the two groups. About a minute later, a person with Carroll was seen punching Jones on the right side of his head, causing Jones to back down. Carroll then pulled a pistol from his belt, pointed it at Jones, and fired several shots. Investigators said Jones was about five feet from Carroll and a crowd of people who were not involved were standing nearby.

Jones then ran to the front of the club, and Carroll continued to fire his gun at him, shooting other people standing in the area at the time. Jones then turned and fired back at Carroll, who was standing about 20 feet from Jones at the time of the exchange.

A suspect in custody in connection with shooting that left 2 dead, 8 injured in downtown Minneapolis

The injuries to the victims of the shooting are as follows:

  • A male victim suffered three gunshot wounds; one in the right shoulder and two in the buttocks.
  • A female victim was shot in the lower buttock / right leg.
  • A female victim was shot and wounded in the left forearm.
  • A female victim was shot in the back by a small gunshot.
  • A female victim sustained two gunshot wounds to her right calf.
  • A male victim was shot and wounded under the right eye.
  • A female victim sustained two gunshot wounds to the cheek and neck, just below her left ear. A bullet traveled within an inch of his skull.
  • A male victim was shot in the arm.

The severity of the injuries has not yet been determined by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office.

It was determined that Jones’ death was caused by a gunshot wound to the upper back and chest.

Several hours after the shooting, police were able to locate one of the people with Carroll. Police searched his room at the Comfort Inn in Bloomington. They found evidence that matched the surveillance video, including purple Nike shoes Carroll was wearing. The next evening, he called the police, asking them why his unit had been searched the day before. The person in question admitted to police that he was at the scene of the shooting but did not provide any further information.

Carroll has since been taken into custody. Court records indicate that at the time of the shooting, Carroll had several criminal offenses in progress, including cases of second-degree assault and police flight from a motor vehicle.

Carroll is expected to make his first court appearance Thursday at 1:30 p.m.

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