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Adele Hankey of Park River, North Dakota was born on April 21, 1926. As such, she shared her birthday with Queen Elizabeth II, who died two weeks ago. But she shared more than the date, KFYR-TV reported. When Elizabeth was crowned in 1952, Hankey wrote her a letter – and the Queen responded by sending Hankey a birthday card. “I could have jumped out of my shoes,” Hankey said of the unexpected greeting. For the past 70 years, the two have exchanged handwritten cards every year. Hankey said he would miss regular communication: “Oh, absolutely. You miss your correspondents.

A news that looks like a joke

Beyond Meat COO Doug Ramsey is in trouble after a recent incident at a football game between the University of Arkansas and Missouri State, The Associated Press reported. . On September 17, as fans pulled their cars out of the parking lot after the game, Ramsey, 53, became enraged when another car made contact with the steering wheel of his SUV. Police say Ramsey left his car and “punctured the rear windshield” of the other car; When the driver jumped, Ramsey “pulled him closer and started punching him”, then “bite the owner’s nose, tearing the flesh on the tip of the nose”. Ramsey was also heard threatening to kill the other driver. He was charged with assault and battery and threatening terrorism.

That’s not the reason I expected

On June 6, Kylynn Chambers, 32, used bright red spray paint to deface a bronze statue of the character Samantha from the 1960s television show “Bewitched” in Salem, Massachusetts. On September 20, he was sentenced to 18 months probation in the incident, which oddly had nothing to do with witchcraft. Instead, Chambers, who is currently homeless, told prosecutors he “wanted to do something to get himself arrested,” The Salem News reported. The statue was erected in 2005 by cable channel TV Land in the city famous for the witch trials of 1692.

Oh, that’s it

One morning five years ago, then 30-year-old Cincinnati resident Joey Lykins woke up to find that his septum (nose) ring was missing. He searched his bed but never located the small object, and eventually gave up and got another one, the New York Post reported. “I thought maybe I swallowed it,” he said. But a few weeks ago Lykins, now 35, developed a violent cough and thought he was sick. An x-ray revealed otherwise: Lykins’ nose ring was lodged in his left lung: “The doctor…said, ‘Does this sound familiar?’ I was like, ‘You’re kidding me! I was looking for this!’ Lykins underwent a bronchoscopy, during which they retrieved the invader using a tube inserted into his throat and into his lungs. The surgeon returned the ring to Lykins, who said he would no longer wear it: “I kept it as a souvenir.”

Wait what?

Neighbors of Mercedes New (aka Shawty Dred) in Atlanta started walking in front of their apartment building with raised umbrellas come rain or shine. Why? Because New would have a habit of walking naked on his high-rise balcony and urinating through the bars on the street below. New, who sports characteristic yellow dreadlocks, was arrested on September 21; neighbors shared a video of him in the act with WSB-TV. But New insisted it wasn’t him: “I’m famous! I’m on TV, bruh. I didn’t do that, man. No, I’m innocent. I promise I didn’t do that. He was held in Fulton County Jail.

Government in action

Take note: In Alameda County, Calif., you can no longer engage in wild cow milking, CBS News reported. As of September 20, the event often seen at rodeos in the area is illegal. In case you’re not a rodeo fan, wild cow milking involves two people trying to corral a free-roaming cow and then extracting milk from her udders. The event is not sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. “(Animals) don’t get a chance to talk. Who speaks for them? asked County Supervisor Richard Valle, who presented the order. Another supervisor thought the state or federal government should regulate the milking of feral cows.

crime report

You’ve heard of Jack the Ripper and the Taco Bell Strangler (or not?). Today, Gresham, Oregon is dealing with its own serial criminal: Gresham Lumberjack. Someone is cutting down trees along the Springwater Corridor Trail — up to 750 trees since August 2021, KATU-TV reported. But they don’t poach firewood; the woodcutter leaves the trees where they fall. Cutting seems to happen at night and with a handsaw (probably because it’s quieter). The city has installed cameras along the trail and police have a person of interest, but in the meantime they are asking for the public’s help in catching the culprit.

I haven’t had my coffee yet

On a Sept. 21 flight from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Los Angeles International Airport, passengers were given a front-row seat (and a video!) as Westminster’s Alexander Tung Cuu Le, in California, lost his cool in front of the coffee service. Shortly after takeoff, as flight attendants were serving drinks, Le approached a flight attendant and grabbed him by the shoulder while asking for coffee, KTLA-TV reported. Then Le walked to the front of the plane and sat down in a seat near first class. When a flight attendant asked him to return to his own seat, he “assumed a fighting stance towards the flight attendant closing his fists with both hands,” according to court documents. When the attendant turned away from him, Le hit him on the back of the head. Le then ran to the back of the plane, where the passengers held him down; his hands and ankles were handcuffed and he was restrained with seat belt extenders. If convicted on the charge of interfering with flight crew members and attendants, Le could face a maximum of 20 years in federal prison. Everything for coffee.

weird vintage

Our weirdo readers are no doubt aware that the Harvard-Yale football game is a big deal — a long-running rivalry. In 1982, another prestigious university entered the game, reports, in another long tradition. On November 20, 1982, a group of MIT students—members of Delta Kappa Epsilon, but still known as the Sudbury Four—concocted a brilliant prank. After five years of intrigue and eight sneaky night visits to Harvard Stadium, the plan was in place: bury a weather balloon under the turf, then blow it up with a vacuum motor during the game. Players stood with their hands on their hips and watched the 6-foot-diameter globe inflate, prominently marked with “MIT,” and then explode. Harvard won the 45-7 victory.

brilliant idea

Noise complaints drop at Singapore restaurant after $10 “kids screaming surcharge” was introduced, Yahoo! News reported. Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill said that before the new policy was put in place, they received complaints every week about children running around unsupervised or disturbing other tables. Parents are now trying harder to control their children and “99%” of customers are respectful and understanding.

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