Struggles and habits of a girl who loves buying and owning shoes

As a compulsive shoe addict, there are very few shoes in the world that you don’t like. Sneakers, pumps, ties, you have them all memorized in your head and organized in your closet. In the event of a snowstorm or hail, you will always protect your babies, much like a mother protects her child. After all, your shoe collection is the most valuable thing you own.

The money invested in building your shoe empire is probably enough to sustain a small village. So taking care of it comes instinctively. As much as we’d like to pretend we’re not the obsessive shoe addicts we just described, here are some struggles we dare not divulge publicly.

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1. You have a separate shoe rack for your best of the best.

2. The number of shoes you own only increases at some point.

3. You can never decide which ones to wear because you love them all.
4. You have several shoes of the same color.
5. You get angry if one of your shoes is torn or dirty.

Dress shoes
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6. You have updates on every shoe sale in town.

7. You know the secret lairs to get cheap pairs. #Goals
8. You save photos of designer shoes on Instagram.
9. You are almost moved to tears when you see a big shoe – in reality or on the “gram”.
10. Tears come naturally when you realize you’ve exhausted your budget.

Jimmy Fallon Shoes
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11. You can never decide which shoes to buy when the sale is on.

12. You still remember all the shoes you almost bought.
13. There are people who always look at your collection. #Jealous
14. Friends always borrow yours because you clearly have the best pair in town.
15. You keep up to date with all the latest shoe collaborations. Speaking of which, have you heard of Superkicks teaming up with Adidas for the new NMD V3? Sick!

Get better Yara Shahidi
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16. Saving up for a pair of shoes doesn’t sound weird AT ALL.

17. You always notice what other people are wearing and take mental notes.
18. You can’t let anyone question your expertise.
19. You like being validated for your collection.
20. You hate your mom for throwing away your 2007 Converse shoes.

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