Take That’s Howard Donald on Why He Won’t Do Strictly Come Dancing

Take That star Howard Donald has said he’s turned down Strictly Come Dancing a few times because he “doubts his own ability” to get through the grueling rehearsal schedule.

The singer was speaking after revealing he was Zip in ITV’s The Masked Dancer over the weekend.

The 53-year-old came third in the series final on Saturday night, which was won by former gymnast Louis Smith, disguised as Carwash and crowned Strictly Champion in 2012.

When asked if he would do more reality TV shows now, Donald told the PA News Agency, “I obviously would like to dance, because dancing is the stuff and that. is my thing and singing is not my thing. I can sing, of course, but dancing is my thing.

“I have been asked for many years, probably the last three or four years, maybe even longer than that, to do Strictly and I have always refused it, because I have always said that I am not really sure if I have the work ethic in me to rehearse.

“And if you want to do well in this competition, you have to participate in it, and it’s probably one of my favorite dances – Latin American – because it’s so difficult, so physical. And I kind of doubt my own ability to get through that kind of competition over four or five weeks, you know it’s a hard core.

Alongside Donald Zip’s character in The Masked Dancer on Saturday, the show’s runner-up, Squirrel, who turned out to be actress Bonnie Langford.

The 56-year-old drama and soap opera star shocked the panel of Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall, Mo Gilligan, Oti Mabuse and guest Holly Willoughby when she was unveiled after a performance that included high kicks and s ‘is over with her doing the splits.

Donald said he had “mixed emotions” after being exposed.

“It’s kind of a relief, also quite emotional too,” he said. “It’s funny, because you’ve been watching yourself for a whole week on TV and then all of a sudden it stops.

“You had this game with different people and you followed people on social media, especially the fans – ‘Who is that, is that you? “” Is this Olly Murs? “I think you are Carwash” all that stuff is going on. You’re dying to say something, but you know, be calm.

“(And) Even to your own families. Obviously, my wife knew about it. I told my two daughters that I was there, but I never told them who I was because I wanted them to experience it ”.

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Zip on ITV’s The Masked Dancer was later revealed to be Take That star Howard Donald (ITV / PA)

Zip on ITV’s The Masked Dancer was later revealed to be Take That star Howard Donald (ITV / PA)

The pop star said the character’s breakdance and shoes are also clues to his true identity.

“I added breakdancing just to give a little hint, and that was a huge hint in retrospect, because I guess 70% to 80% of fans on social media follow me or follow me. ‘guessed,’ he said.

“They’ve been watching me (for) 30 years and they know certain styles and movements of breakdancing… Some have even said that even when I took the stage, they knew it was me.

“And Converse gave it away because every time other guys are wearing their fancy suits and they are wearing nice shoes or shiny leather boots, I always wear Converse because I don’t like wearing shoes. “

Other celebrities attending The Masked Dancer included Kelly Brook (Frog), burlesque star Dita Von Teese (Beetroot) and Radio 2 DJ Zoe Ball (Llama).

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