Teenage boy got his mom kicked out of Nike for reselling shoes

The identity of the person behind the popular West Coast Streetwear Instagram page has remained anonymous for a very long time. The owner would be seen standing with stacks and stacks of boxes of Air Jordans, Nikes and Yeezys. However, her face was blurred out in every photo, and similar precautions were taken with other users’ social media appearances.

But last year, the identity of the owner was finally revealed to be Joe Herbert. He turned out to be the teenage son of Ann Hebert, who was vice president of Nike North America at the time. His identity was revealed after Bloomberg Businessweek ran a story linking him to his mother.

Even though Joe asked the publication to keep him anonymous, that was not done. A week after the article appeared, Ann quit her job despite having been associated with the company for more than 25 years.

Shortly after, Nike released a public statement. “Nike, Inc. announced that Ann Hebert, Vice President and General Manager, North America Geography, has left the company, effective today, March 1,” reads the statement. the official press release of the brand. “Hébert leaves Nike after more than 25 years with the brand. Nike plans to announce a new head of its North American geography soon.

But it looks like Joe is back in business after his brand was apparently posted again on a private Facebook page saying he has 400 pairs of Jordans to sell.

A Twitter user named Colin Landforce has quite a bit of information about the boy and how he went about his business before he was arrested. He used bots and the boys, to snag Nikes, Jordans and Yeezys on a massive scale and immediately sold them for over $100 extra. However, he bought it all with his mother’s credit cards.

Apparently, his hustle has changed and started buying “bricks” – that is, slow-moving stocks in traditional channels that are being liquidated. He bought things that didn’t have a lot of competition and had a lot of discounts.

The guy started to win a little. So, to show how cool he is, he contacted a journalist friend who learned that he was Ann’s son thanks to his real identity card which bore his mother’s name. Most of the articles about it mentioned that his credit card and discounts had been used.

Even though Ann had disclosed to the company in 2018 that her son was the owner of West Coast streetwear, there was no violation of company policy. But things have obviously changed.

However, now that there is no longer an association with Nike, Joe is out with the thousand dollar company.

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