Tested: Adidas TOUR360 22 shoes

COST: $300.

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Assistant and Digital Editor

FIRST PRINTSESSIONS: In terms of golf shoes, the adidas TOUR360 22 was the highest profile launch I can remember. I took part in a virtual session with designers and Xander Schauffele and, although intrigued, I was withholding judgment until I saw them in the flesh.

Once in possession of my size 10, I understood better why adidas was making such a fuss over a shoe…it’s fantastic.

The look is great, they feel like a quality product in the hands, and once in place the TOUR360 22 was just awesome. My feet were locked in but comfortable, walking was a pleasant experience and the grip was very good.

HOW THEY PERFORMED: The mention of looks above is obviously subjective when it comes to shoes, but to expand on what made this pair stand out, the TOUR360 22 blends athleticism and classic better than many other models produced by adidas in the past.

Previously a traditional golf shoe wearer, these days something more modern catches my eye but I find myself somewhere in between. This shoe is right there, with the leather upper and wider forefoot from above they look quite traditional, while the sole design modernizes it considerably. And that combination is why I think the fit is so good.

The leather hugs and molds to your foot, while the “BOOST” sole components feel like a sturdier running shoe.

The “locked in” feel is exceptionally stable when walking and swinging the club, combined with soft yet solid comfort. Right out of the box it did and I was confident enough to walk straight to the tee without fear of blisters or discomfort.

Over time this level of comfort has increased and I have to point out how much I liked the collar and tongue elements. Well padded without taking up too much space, the shoe’s tongue allowed me to find my preferred fit without the laces feeling like they were putting pressure on the top of my foot.

The feeling of being well supported is combined with the feeling that the natural shape of your foot is adapted. As Sam Snead liked to do, there’s nothing quite like hitting golf balls barefoot, and while that’s still an issue in terms of dress codes, finding a shoe that lets your foot be your foot is important.

Traction is the other key aspect of a golf shoe’s performance, and here the TOUR360 22 really stood out.

Some friends of mine have recently suggested that they don’t think golf shoes and the traction they provide are of any benefit, well, two of my most recent games have seen friends slip during downswing which resulted in disastrous blows. Not me when I wear them.

The molded soft spikes are nice and seeing how long they last will be worth watching, but adidas’ reasoning for being able to create different shapes and sizes for location makes sense, and the feeling of ground connection is improved . I also loved seeing the center taper in the spikes which is exactly the style Tour players with metal spikes choose in what is apparently a “greener” friendly option. That little middle piece might not look like much, but anyone who wore the old spikes knows there was no ground connection like the metal spikes did, and it does the job wonderful recreation.

I wore golf shoes from almost every brand in every style on the trip, and it takes a lot to seriously impress and they did just that. And to find one for everyone, there is a wide range of colors, to which are added the BOA models that diversify the range. Perhaps adidas’ introductory work wasn’t so much hype as excitement.

ADIDAS SAYS: The first TOUR360 ushered in an era for what has now become the brand’s flagship shoe franchise. The TOUR360 22 marks the next chapter.

After nearly two decades of developing and improving this original TOUR360 model, adidas is back to the beginning; adopting that same risk-taking mindset that ultimately led to the creation of this first model.

With the TOUR360 22, the primary goal was to re-examine how the company addresses two critical areas that are important to golfers of all skill levels: fit and traction. To achieve this, historic models from the TOUR360 were consulted, as well as brand archives from other categories for inspiration.

From the ground up, the TOUR360 22 is built on a “Feet You Wear” shape, serving as the foundation for the new “TOUR360 FIT”, while the new direct-injected “SPIKEMORE” traction system helps golfers stay locked in and increase their confidence with every swing. This is the first time in golf that adidas has included these features.

Visit www.adidas.com.au/golf to know more.

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