The best gear bags for 2022: shoe bags, duffel bags and tote bags suitable for training and matches

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A good football kit bag has a few things to do. It needs to keep your gear dry and protected, it needs to store your muddy boots safely, and it needs to be easy to carry.

More than that, additional features can improve your situation by ensuring your shoes stay ventilated, your wet kit is stored separately ready for the washing machine, your valuables are safely zipped up, or it can even be as simple as add padding, making sure the strap doesn’t dig in.

These bags can take you from practice to game day and can even double as handy bags for travel. Whether you prefer a professional backpack with all the bells and whistles or just a rugged standard tote, there’s a perfect bag for you. Here are 24 football kit bags to make life easier on any budget.

Adidas Tiro Shoe Bag

Simple, yet effective, this effort matches its full-zip closure at one end with a mesh fabric construction that ensures your soccer cleats can breathe easily on the way home after games.

Get it from JD Sports for £15.00


Designed with hyper-compact storage space in mind as much as load-carrying ability, this 20-litre duffel bag is not only a great budget option for everyone, but tucks away in a corner or a practical nook when not in use. .

Get it from Decathlon for £4.99

Nike Stash Duffel Bag

Adorned with eye-catching bright colors that give a wonderful touch to the wearer’s outfit, this duffel bag offers a lightweight package ready to be folded inside its front pocket at any time.

Get it at Nike for £27.95

Brenno sports bag

This classic model is available in three sizes – small, medium or large – to meet the respective requirements of the user. Best of all, you won’t be harmed no matter what you choose, as each size is also priced the same.

Get it from Kappa for £24.00


Looking for a throwback to carry your old football shirts? This stylish retro number will appeal to the hipster fan in all of us, marrying classic elan with modern design to deliver a fantastic tote set.

Get it from Umbro for £10.50

Nike Academy Team Hard Case

Need a little extra support at the foot of your bag? This hard case is designed with a reinforced tarpaulin bottom to keep your gear dry and protected no matter the weather when you lay it down on the pitch or in the locker room.

Get it at Nike for £28.47

Miter Medium Tote

Sometimes the worst thing about a tote is the strain on the shoulder – but this Miter effort, tweaked with a padded strap and five colors to choose from, allows for maximum comfort no matter where you go.

Get it from Miter for £14.00

adidas Tiro Primegreen

Want to prevent your belongings from getting wet when your bag is placed on the lawn? It’s the one that gets the job done with an ingenious little trick, dotting its underside with studs to lift it off the floor.

Get it from JD Sport for £30.00

Nike Academy Team Duffel Bag

This hardshell Nike Academy number has a large zipped section to keep your kit waterproof from your wet belongings after you’ve been in action, reducing the need for additional washing.

Get it at Nike for £39.95

EVO FITNESS sports bag

Versatility is key with any accessory to carry your kit, and this one does the job both ways – it can be used as an overall bag or doubled as a backpack to allow for hands-free situations.

Get it on Amazon for £17.99


Combining the roller bag and the carry-on to offer a versatile product, it contains a ventilated zipped pocket to ensure that the airflow continues smoothly, wherever you are.

Get it from Decathlon for £29.99

Miter Sunday League Kit Bag

Extra-large and ready to deliver for an entire squad of players, this Sunday League shirt does what it says on the box, accommodating everything you’ll need for the minibus for away games on game day.

Get it from Miter for £20.00

Under Armor Undeniable Large Handbag

You can reduce sweaty shoulders with this handbag. It contains a padded HeatGear strap that will help regulate your temperature and keep you cool and dry on the go.

Get it from JD Sports for £30.00

Hardbase - Unisex Duffel Bag

Separate your shoes and the rest of your clothes with this sports bag, featuring a large compartment to prevent cross-contamination between shoes and other clothes.

Get it from Kappa for £32.00


At 40 litres, this duffel bag has no shortage of space – and like others listed here, it also comes with the ability to fold in on itself for easy, conventional storage wherever you need it in the world. your house.

Get it at Decathlon for £6.99

adidas 4ATHLTS sports bag

It doesn’t matter how hard its name is to pronounce, this sports bag carries its international appeal and literally carries it on its shoulder strap – it says “Adidas” in a variety of languages ​​that use different alphabets than English.

Get it from JD Sports for £35.00

Nike Academy Team

Do you want a bag that can not only store your boots but also your balls? This Academy effort has compartments for both, ensuring you’re always ready to have a kick no matter where you might take it.

Get it at Nike for £26.95


Another deliciously stylish number ready to make you the envy of the dressing room, this throwback effort comes with the usual trimmings, making it a snappy kit no matter where you go.

Get it from Umbro for £28.00

Nike Stash Backpack

Not only will this brightly colored number stand out in a crowd, it’s made from nearly two-thirds recyclable materials, ensuring it helps give back to the environment, too.

Get it at Nike for £27.95

CoCoMall Sports Duffel Bag

After something with a little extra space? This effort ensures that you’ll be able to store your trainers away from the rest of your stuff, ensuring that any crossover with sweaty soles is kept to a minimum.

Get it on Amazon for £22.99


This large but compact Kipsta hard case sports bag has 5 different compartments and was designed by watching footballers come and go from matches and training.

Get it from Decathlon for £24.99

Umbro Pro Training Elite Shoe Bag

Want to protect the rest of your kit? This Umbro Pro Training Elite Shoe Bag will make it easy to keep your boots or trainers separate from everything else.

Get it from Umbro for £12.00

Exxi black unisex duffel bag

This classic no-frills Exxi duffel bag is available in five different colors and features the iconic Kappa logo on each end.

Get it from Kappa for £19.00

Nike Extra Small Brasilia Bag

Just want something a little smaller than the norm? It’s perfect for those who don’t like something a little too bulky, proving you can combine practicality and style.

Get it from JD Sports for £23.00

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