The best shoes for nurses in 2022, according to nurses

Stain resistance, slip resistance, comfort, support, durability – nurses have a multitude of reasons why they need quality shoes to perform at their best on the job. That’s why asked its online community of more than 133,000 nurses to recommend their favorite shoes.

The organization took the most recommended shoes and put them through their paces for their final review, revealing five quality options for healthcare heroes who need to be able to think without embarrassment.

Each shoe was classified into 10 categories: quality, cost, comfort, water resistance, resistance to sharp objects, anti-slip, style/fashion, support, durability and cleaning ability.

Figs | New Balance 996 Unisex

The New Balance 996 Unisex from Figs won first place. With the highest score in all but two categories, the pair was tested by a labor and delivery nurse with five years of experience. The shoes were ultimately found to be not resistant to needles and other sharp objects and only somewhat water resistant. However, their overall quality received maximum marks.


A critical care nurse with over 20 years of experience put a pair of Asics Novablast shoes through their paces. This pair scored high in all categories, scoring a 4 out of 5 in water resistance and support, and a 5 out of 5 in everything else.


The Bala Twelves are specially designed for the morphology of the female foot with nurses in mind. According to a critical care nurse with over 20 years experience, the shoes are spot on – having achieved top marks in every category.


A nurse with 10 years of experience put the Brooks Ghost 12 running shoes to the test, ultimately finding the cheaper $89.93 kicks lacking in two categories but still high quality overall. He discovered that the shoes were not resistant to water or needles and other sharp objects. The pair received full marks for overall quality, comfort, support and durability – scoring four points for cost, slip resistance, style and cleaning ability.

Nike Air Max

According to a critical care and vascular access nurse with five years of experience, the more expensive Nike Vapormax got high marks for style, overall quality and comfort. However, the shoes got low marks for water resistance, resistance to needles and other sharp objects, and only average marks for cost and cleaning ability.

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