‘This is one of those “don’t you dare retire on me, kid” gifts from Dana’

Kevin Holland became emotional after receiving a pair of Nike sneakers from UFC President Dana White.

White and Holland share a good relationship and often treat each other to sneakers. In a recent video, an emotional Holland can be seen reacting to receiving sneakers from White:

“God damn you, Dana! I’m fucking going to cry!”

Watch Kevin Holland’s reaction below:

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The video garnered healthy reactions from fans on the internet.

One user praised “Big Mouth” for taking tough fights on short notice.

Another individual said the gift was an attempt by White to prevent Holland from retiring:

“It’s one of those ‘don’t you dare retire, kid’ gifts from Dana”

Fans comment on Holland receiving shoes from White
Fans comment on Holland receiving shoes from White
A few more comments on Holland's reaction
A few more comments on Holland’s reaction

Holland recently uploaded an Instagram post alluding to his retirement from the sport of MMA. The post came after ‘Trailblazer’ lost to Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 279.

Holland was originally supposed to fight Daniel Rodriguez in a cathweight (180lb) bout at the event. However, due to ‘Borz’ missing weight, further clashes were made and Holland was eventually pitted against Chimaev.

The Chechen-born Swede quickly worked on “Big Mouth” and submitted it in the first round of the fight.

Dana White comments on Kevin Holland’s possible retirement from MMA

Dana White was recently asked to comment on Kevin Holland’s cryptic message, hinting at his retirement from MMA. White opened up about her relationship with Holland and said emotions may have gotten the better of “Big Mouth.”

White added that “Trailblazer” should think before making a final decision as it was too early for him to leave the sport:

“He comes out of the fight with Derek Brunson and realizes he needs to work more on his wrestling. So he dives in and starts working on his wrestling and I think what happened to him happens to you, you lay in bed and go, “Holy shit!”… He’s an emotional guy. I think the emotions got the better of him. Just take some time, get back to the gym and whatever he wants to do, he can do it. But, it’s a bit too early for him to retire.”

Kevin Holland’s decision to hang up his gloves could be premature as ‘Trailblazer’ is only 29 years old and may not have reached his best years as an athlete yet.

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