Topgolf appoints Anomaly creative AOR

“We worked together on Converse for eight years,” Byrne said. “A lot of times in this business you have these agency-client relationships that last. You meet someone and you just connect with them from a value perspective. [Cottrill] is the kind of guy who asks you to scare him and pushes the agency, and he’s the kind of clients he’s the most fun to work with.

Aggressive expansion

Under Cottrill’s leadership, Topgolf seeks to grow domestically and globally and attract customers outside of traditional golf courses. “We are considering a global brand campaign. We’ll be launching it later this year and early next year, and Anomaly will be the frontrunner,” Cottrill said. He added that the brand is planning future locations in China, Thailand, Scotland and Germany, but the first stage of their aggressive expansion will begin in the United States.

Topgolf’s newest location opened in Renton, Washington last week, and the next location to open will be in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Anomaly and Topgolf are finalizing the details of their work together, but the two companies will focus on the idea of ​​”playing”. In a podcast with Ad Age last month that talked about Topgolf’s “playful” social marketing strategies, Cottrill said, “I wake up every day thinking the world needs more play.” Cottrill reiterated Topgolf’s goal of letting its customers “have fun and get rid of” the stress in their lives.

“Our goal is to get more people into the game of golf and to make the game more accessible and diverse,” Cottrill said. “Our business is about encouraging people to gamble more often in their lives. Getting up every day, thinking about how we can change the game for the better by letting more people play the game,” he added, “you don’t have a lot of opportunities in your career to working to make an impact on a sport that has been around for over a hundred years. »

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